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Homeless bird

No description

catharine mackinnon

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Homeless bird

Koly has just turned 13 and is forced to begin a new life with a husband Hari and his family (arranged marriage)
Hari dies of a severe illness
Koly is abandoned by her mother in law in Vrindavan
Koly meets Raji, the boy who takes her to Maa Kamala, a woman whjo takes in widows like Koly
Raji proposes and asks Koly to move in with him
Human vs. society
Koly doesn't wish to serve a husband but is forced to as if she doesn't she will bring shame upon her family.

Human vs. Human
Koly's sass is less than accepting of her and mistreats her. koly gets annoyed and begins acing much more mischievous.

Human vs. Self
Koly often daydreams of using the money she’d make from selling her wedding earrings to run away from her sass. she has to decide between the logical thing to do and the emotional one.
Character traits
demonstrated in monologue

Modest/ humble
Loyal/ devoted

Homeless bird
Homeless Bird
The main theme of this novel is tradition. One of the strongest themes in Homeless bird is tradition because it influences many decisions in koly’s life. The tradition in the novel involves culture, prejudice and religious beliefs. As soon as Koly becomes a teenager she loses control of her life. Things that should be her decisions and choices are decided by others. First, she has to go into an arranged marriage unaware of anything concerning her husband. Then she is forced to serve her husband and his family and pay them a dowry. Koly is not permitted to have any sort of education. At the end of the novel, however, Koly breaks tradition by marrying Raji. The tradition we see in the novel is very different from the tradition woman in other contries know.
By Gloria Whelan
Symbolism/ Figurative language
The heron - The heron represents Koly

Quilts / Sari's - the sari's and quilts made by Koly represent happiness and act as a sort of creative outlet for Koly

Statement - the quotes represent the uncertainty of arranged marriages
Koly - Koly lives in a poor area of India and has just turned 13.
Hari - Hari is marries Koly and passes away of illness.
Raji - Raji is a rickshawriver who falls in love with Koli.
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