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Let's start with the ch 15 vocab quiz

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Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 30 March 2017

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Transcript of Let's start with the ch 15 vocab quiz

Thank You!
Warm Up
Jack's failure in the contest was

Let's start with the ch 15 vocab quiz
Now, let's review infinitives as DOs and appositives some more.
Now, let's talk about infinitives as adjectives.
Adjectives describe nouns and pronouns. The noun can be the S, DO, OP,
Commas do not set off adjectives.
Last quarter, my teacher gave the opportunity
to complete extra credit.
Red describes opportunity
My mom will want someone
to make dinner for the family.
Red describes someone.
1) The fair is the place
to go
. To go describes place.
2) I have some jeans
to wash
with you clothes. To wash describes jeans.
3) At the concert, the singer
to watch
is Joyce. To watch describes singer
4) The kind of flowers
to plant
are perennials. To plant describes flowers.
You try!
Find the infinitive adj in each sentence. ID the noun or pronoun it describes.
1. Her desire to be a doctor has dropped dramatically.
2. The movies to watch are on my computer.
3. Failure to be independent can be a siginficant problem.
4. The invitation to the party is on my bed.
Let's complete exercises 1 and 2 on pgs. 100 and 101.
Now, let's continue on with Anne Frank....
The bears
by the river ate the fresh-water fish.
Insert the correct noun.

Last night, (Grace, Grace's) typing kept us all awake.
Explain why the bolded word is a gerund.
Explain why the bolded word is a participle.
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