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~10 things I learned throughout the year

No description

Narl Ramirez

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of ~10 things I learned throughout the year

~ By: Narly Ramirez 10 things I learned throughout the year #1 English ~Use your words to express yourself, words have #3 P.E Set a goal and a time you want for your mile RUN, and you can ACCOMPLISH it ! #2 History ~ ALWAYS #4 Math ~ Math... throughout the year, you will learn ALOT! Always come to class ready. Don't wait for the teacher to tell you what to do, but you yourself do it. Participate in class, do your homework, meet the expectation from the teacher, do more than enough. #5 Science Keep your Table Of Contents updated, and make sure you aren't missing any assignments.
ALWAYS bring your agenda with you POWER It's good to speak up and express yourself. Don't ever be shy to share your feelings with your peers. study, you never know when you're getting a pop quiz ! Her pop quizzes are not EASY {{: One of my experiences that I had was that I usually run my mile around 10 minutes. P.E finals we had to run a mile, and I wanted to beat my normal time. My goal was to run it in less than 9 minutes. Sure I accomplished it, I did it in 8 minutes and some seconds :}} *and OF COURSE ask for help when you need it. DO NOT wait for more difficulties to approach, WE are here to help (: Those with Mr.Feng appreciate him as much as you can. 7th graders next year you will realize that all he wants for you is a GREAT future. He will ALWAYS be their for you and give you chances. He isn't only a math teacher...but a LIFE ADVISOR. My experiences with him went really well. He always listened, and pushed me. Thank him for getting frustrated because that means that he expects and knows that YOU can do better. ADVISE: #6 Yoga Inhale LOVE
Exhale HATE
Exhale DOUBT
Exhale INSECURITIES Relax your mind, everything will be okay in the end, if it's not okay it's not the end. Remember this is a safe place. Always have a positive attitude #7 Guitar Heroes [seminar] Music expresses our feelings, play with your heart <3 Practice so you can improve, it is really helpful! I learned how to tell the difference between Classical and Acoustic guitars. #8 Advisory This has been a really safe advisory, anytime we have problems we can count on MS.MILLER she is open minded, and will help out on anything. #9 LEARNED... Literally NEVER give up! You can always succeed, you have to work HARD and put yourself goals. You might lose things, but you will get better ones :) #10 Final thing I learned .... In the end what really matters is not what we bought, but what we build. Not what we got, but what we shared Life is a gift; live a life that matters
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