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And Always remember....

No description

David Ebersol

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of And Always remember....

In support of Happy & Zany
And Always remember....
Examples of Digital Tools
* Youtube.com
* Any Social Media
* Kahnacademy.com
- Allows healthy competition and discovery with fellow peers.
Making students aware that others who are important to them value their contribution is perhaps the most important way that affirmation can be exploited as a motivational source.
A PSA from Happy & Zany
Furthermore, the more frequently others who are significant to the student perform or read or present a detailed description of what he or she has accomplished (Oposed to reading or hearing a teacher's evaluation of the task), the more likely it is that the power of affirmation as a motive force for engagement will be realized.
Affirmation of performance
The possibility of designing tasks and activities so that the performance of students is made visible to persons who are significant in their lives.
Proud Parrents
How not to affirm behavior
These tools allow you to post in response to projects, creative ideas or, "meaningful dialogue"
Uses of social media
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