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Africa ABC Book

No description

Joshua Lohman

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Africa ABC Book

Africa ABC Book A Africa is a continent right under Europe and Asia which has many unique features, life, and cultures. Bantu farmers traveled to Southern Africa and brought new tools that were made of iron. These iron tools helped them fight and farm easier C The Congo River is one of the major rivers in
Africa. It is the deepest river in the world and 7th
longest. Dance is a very important part of African culture. Dances are used to remember historical events and mark special occasions. E Elephants were hunted by the people of the Kongo Kingdom for Ivory. The Kongo Kingdom grew rich from the ivory trade. B D Bum Diddy
Bum F Fishing is a common thing in Africa and is one of the most used methods of getting food. Im going
FISHING G Ghana was a big empire in northwest Africa. It was the first of the major empires to form. H The Horn of Africa is a part
of Africa the sticks out into the ocean. It is called the Horn of Africa because its shape resembles a horn. I The Indian Ocean borders Africa
to the east. I J The jaguar is one of the many animals that live in Africa. K Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. L Lilibela carved 5 churches
out of the ground to honor
God in Eastern Africa M Mali was another of the big
empires in Africa and also controlled the trade routes. N The Niger River is a major river of west Africa. O Oral History is how tales and history are passed down from generation to generation by griots, or storytellers. P Q R S T Political wealth in Ghana was increased by the trade routes Queen Victoria is the root for the name of the biggest lake in Africa, Lake Victoria In Mali, Religious duties went to the Mansa, until Sundita fired them all. Songhai was the third kingdom of Africa. Timbuktu was a major trading city under Mali's power. U Muslims attacked Songhai and forced them to convert to Islam. V Trade in valuable goods
was necessary in Africa. W The Sahara Desert is in Western Africa. X Ghana taxed people for trading. Y Ghana built up a strong army with their wealth. Z Zebras are a common animal in The Serengeti Plain. Yee-Haw THE END WATCH THIS
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