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Online Shopping Safety

No description

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Online Shopping Safety

Online Shopping Safety
Online Shopping Risks... Hackers
How can you avoid being hacked?
1. Read customer reviews
2. Look for seals of approval
3. Create strong password/password questions
4. Check website details
5. Be weary of requests for further information

What are hackers?

plural noun: hackers

1. a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data.

synonyms: cybercriminal, pirate, computer criminal, keylogger, keystroke logger;
Purpose of Internet Hackers
Access credit card information
Steal identification
Charge credit cards
Import Viruses
Cover tracks
By Logan Rodgers

1. Read customer reviews
Determine Reviewer Credibility
1. Does the reviewer have reviews supported by others?

2. Does the reviewer have a reliable experience with the product?

2. Look for seals of approval
Seals of approval determine whether or not the site has been acknowledged as valid by an authorized creditor
How do you determine if seal of approval is real?
1. Click on seal
2. Follow link to website
3. If the link connects you
to affiliated website,
then the website is
Online shopping and banking secure is under increasing assault by hackers, criminal gangs and spy agencies, threatening the $680 billion-a-year global e-commerce market.

According to the FBI Computer Crime Survey, more than 5,000 computer security incidents were reported in 2005 and most of those intrusions originated in the U.S., China, Nigeria, Korea, Germany, Russia and Romania.

Online shopping is increasing annually and accounted for $145.2 billion in retail sales in 2007, about 4 percent of the $3.6 trillion retail sale total for that year, according to the Census Bureau.

Look up the location to where the product would be shipped from
1. Does the product hold a standard of excellence?
2. How does the product compare with other products?
For example...
You can determine quality by visuals, product performance, and cost
Bose Headphones
Beats by Dr. Dre
How does the pricing match up with other prices online or in stores?
Online Site $50.00
Elsewhere $150.00
Pay acute detail to shipping rules
Examples of Approval Seals
3. Create Strong Passwords/
Password Questions

When creating a password, make sure the password is not easy to guess. The minimum suggested pssword length is 8 characters long. A broad range of letters and numbers is strongly suggested
When creating a password question, make sure the answer is not easily traceable such as mothers name, date of birth, etc.
4. Check Website Details
Locate and familiarize yourself with the privacy policy for the business
If you have any questions over the policies, look up address of building or telephone number and contact them regarding your question.
What could appear as a red flag
The company is not responding to your questions
There is no number or address on website
The company is avoiding your question deliberately
What represents a legitimate company
The customer support is answering all of your questions and being attentitive
There are no suspicions of fraud or invalidity

Requests for Further Information
5. Valid and Invalid Companies
Email receipt after transaction
Shipping tracker code
Updates on order status
Asking for additional credit card info after transaction
No receipt after transaction
Requesting personal information after transaction
More explained/in depth method for avoiding online shopping hackers
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Every year identity theft happens to over 9 million Americans.
Due to security breaches, since 2005, Americans have had over 245 million data records exposed.
One of the most dangerous areas for any consumer is shopping online.
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