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Knights and Samurai: Compare and Contrast

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onesimo Ndiweni

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Knights and Samurai: Compare and Contrast

Knights and Samurai :Compare and Contrast
Code of Honor
Feudal Responsibilities
Knights lived by a code of honor called chivalry. They were expected to...
Samurai lived by a code of honor called Bushido. They were expected to ...
Similarities in Codes of Honor
Knights Responsibilities were to...
govern the people who lived on their land or fief
arrest bandits
enforced laws and make travel safe
Samurai Responsibilities were to...
provide military service to their daimyo
protect the shogun
protect the their daimyo's land and the peasants who lived on it
Knight's weapons
lance:a long heavy spear
Samurai's weapons
bows and arrows
naginata: a blade mounted on a long handle
Knight's religion
Knights believed in Christianity and were of the Catholic faith
Samurai's religion
Confucianism :
obey their lord
to be brave
show respect to women of noble birth
be honest and fight fairly against enemies
honor the Church and help others
Devoted to their master
Loyal, courageous, and honorable
die rather than suffer the disgrace to being captured in battle
fight for their daimyo
they pledged loyalty to their lords
code of honor dictated how they went about their lives
taught them to be courageous and honest
Knight's rank
knights were below lords
Some knights were lesser lords but most were below lesser lords
knights were above merchants and peasant serfs
Similarities in Feudal Responsibilities
both protected peasants
both vowed to provide military service to their lord
be honorable
Similarities in Weapons
Because of their religions knights and samurai fighted a certain way in concordance with their faith
Samurai's Rank
Samurai's were below daimyos and shoguns
Samurai's were above peasant farmers, artisans/trades people, and merchants
Similarities in Rank
knights and samurai's were both below their lords
knights and samurai's were both above merchants,artisans, and peasants
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