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Work Experience Presentation

presentation of our 2 weeks work experience

shaun turner

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Work Experience Presentation

2 Weeks Work Experience Supporting the teacher Responsibilities 1 - 1 with students Overall Achievements Daily Tasks Aims and Objectives Best Parts Of Working There Worst Part Of Working There One of the best parts of working at st peters primary school was that i got to shadow to the teachers to see what they do with the children and how they organize the lessons before hand. Another good part of working there for 2 weeks was that i got to helps out the students when they got stuck, it felt like a sign of achievement knowing that they have learn t another spelling. Another part that i enjoyed was that i got given some responsibility to look after the students during break times and lunch times, i like doing this because i feel that the teachers could trust me. One of the worst experience's of working at st peters school was that on a few days i had to sit on my own sharpening pencils for 2-3 hours, this was really boring and i didn't feel like i learn t anything from this. Another part that i didn't like was sitting in the general office for 2 hours shredding paper, the teachers say its part of the job but i felt like it was boring and i could of been doing more important things other than this. During my time at st peters primary school i was helping the teachers by supporting them and helping the students that they couldn't get too. These are the things that i helped the teachers out with during my 2 weeks there:
Do some reading with students
Take a group of students and do activities with them
I took boxes to one of the teachers cars that were pregnant
I went swimming with a big group of children to support them the teachers
I put up new paper on the walls were students work go My overall aim after 2 weeks of being there was to take in what i would have to do (jobs wise) to be a primary school teacher and too see how the children are behaving and if i would be able to cope with it every day. Each day i was setting myself different objectives to achieve, one of my main objective that would cover the 2 weeks weeks was to be able to take a p.e lesson with the students but i wasn't allowed to do that. These are some of the objectives i set myself:
To start helping to start the day off by preparing things for the students.
Getting to know what the teachers do in a primary school and what responsibilities they hold.
Take over a class for an activity.
Teach some p.e in one of the classes.
Help the students that need help.

I managed to be able to complete most of these objectives plus others but some of them i either couldn't do or didn't get around to doing it. Where did i do my 2 weeks work experience? On my 2 weeks placement i went to st peters primary school, this wasn't my first choice school because i never really knew anything about the school, after i got rejected from the school i ideally wanted to go to i thought as they were only located 2 minutes away from my home it wouldn't be so bad. When i was at the school, one of the jobs i got asked to do was a bit of 1-1 with the students. The 1-1 activities i did was:
Do some reading with them
Do a portrait of themselves
Do a bit of tutoring in certain subjects
Help them on their spelling Evidence I had many responsibilities while doing my work experience. when the teachers gave me different responsibilities to do they were giving me challenges to see if i could handle the jobs that a teacher do and to see how i am under pressure. The responsibilities i had were too:
Go on lunch time duties
Take boxes to different part of the school
Put up paper on the wall for show
Do 1-1 reading
Take a big group of students swimming
I had many others to do as well but these are just some of the responsibilities i got given. Here is a list to give you an idea of what i did daily:
Shred paper for 2 hours
Sharpen pencils for 2 hours
Go home at lunch
Go on break duty
Do 1 to 1 reading sessions
Go around the class helping students
Assist teachers that are taking students swimming
Take down display walls
Putting up fresh display walls My overall achievement was getting to see what life would be like to b a teacher, i got to see the different methods of teaching that each teacher does, i got to see how the teachers plan each of their lessons. I also got the responsibilities that normally people wouldn't get unless they are well known and finally i got the sense of achievement that i fitted in and i made a difference while being there.
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