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CMAA and CCBMA Information

No description

Paige Horn

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of CMAA and CCBMA Information

CMAA and CCBMA Information
By: Paige Horn ROP AM

Benefits of Certifying as a Medical Assistant
Very versatile
- Offers a lot of advance career options
High paying
- Excellent salary of about $27,000 to $28,ooo annually
Fixed clinic/hospital hours
- Close to scheduled clinic hours
How to Apply for the Exam
Step 1:
The first step of the application process is to print out the application from the website. (http://ccbma.org)
Step 2:
The second step is to mail your completed application to California Certifying Board for Medical Assistants or known as the CCBMA.
How to Take the Exam
The CCBMA exam is a computer based test.
The exam has three sections to it including:

- This section has 175 multiple choice questions with a two hour time limit.

- This section has 100 multiple choice questions with a one hour time limit.

- This section has 125 multiple choice questions with a one hour time limit.
Benefits of Belonging to the Organization "CMAA"
Regional meetings with speakers on subjects related to daily activities as well as scientific topics and these provide excellent professional growth.
The CCMA is a bi-monthly publication with info on current trends in the medical field. As a member you will get updates/opportunities for continuing education units, and may use those credits for re-certification. In each of the publications, there is an article with an exam to take and mail in for credit.
The meetings provide excellent networking opportunities.
A great opportunity to receive a leadership position in the career of your choice.
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