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life in the elizabethan era

The life discription of how poepl lived in the time of william shakesphere

kristin currie

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of life in the elizabethan era

Religion In the Elizabethan era most people was Catholics and protestant religions.

schools was thought the official religion witch was ordered by the present king or queen.if a person was to have failure to stick to the favored religion they would be;
Torture or
If a prson was to stick to the wrong religion it would bring personal risks to them like;
Freedom and

In the elizabethan age the catholics belived that the priest were able to forgive sins- but only at a price , gifts were given to them an to the church. Fashion for men Poetry & Music William shakespear's plays and poetry
was very popular in England most people
admired it. People played instruments like the lute, violin, spinet, bagpipe and cornet; a short like- trumpet. Musicians played in the court yard, streets or in there own music houses. Food & Cooking in the Elizabethan era people usually ate two meals during the day, they used wooden bowels and spoons, but instead of using forks people just ate with there fingers. the middle and lower classes ate only grain and vegetables because meat was rarely around , but the upper classes ate meat an much more. the food in the Elizabethan age was sweeter an things we have today was rarely around or even existed. Education
Education was manly for boys in the upper and middle classes. The boys would start at home for basic principles include;

Asking for there parents blessing
Respecting their parents
Getting up in the morning and saying their prayers
table manner
And tout were their place is in society

Boys up to the ages of 5-14 would later be thought:

Latin to English translations and
Religious education

Girls would be thought obedience to the male's in the family, girls did not go to school like the boys did the girls education would diverse from the boys to concentrating on housewifely duties and sometimes music and dance. Life in William shakesphears time Fashion women's clothing

In the beginning of the era women's clothing was very modest. the women's dresses was to cover every inch of a women's body (no skin was to show). In the beginning of the Elizabethan era men wore vest- like shirts with buttons down the front, with loose - fitting paints that went all the way to their knees. Later in the years men wore cloak's fastened by a chain, with silk socks, and a hat with a plume on one side. characteristics of the dresses

fitted bodice to fit the women's waist, square shoulders. shoes wasn't very important during that era, because of the women's dresses being so long (all the way to the floor).As the years went by, women's clothes was going to littler amount of clothes like for an example: women's waistlines went straighter and the sleeves went from ruffled to tight- fitted. The Black plague In 1563 there was a terrible bubonic plague (or known as the black death).During that time no one could leave or go, families was forst to stay in their homes with the doors shut so the disease couldn't spread , and until it was gone.

The plague started by fleas that lived on animals, especially rats.farm produce was also in danger, but the plague could also be transmitted through air, the death of someone infected and through an infected person's breath.There was no doctors, so no one could get cared for their disease or even find out how the disease came.Many people in the Elizabethan era thought that the plague was a punishment from god so most people went into a religious sacrifice.

After the bubonic plague was over it had claimed 80,000 people in England. Sports In the Elizabethan era their entertainment was very different from ours. There was "blood sports" which involved animals that would try to fight each other, then there was "team sports" witch involved similar american sports such as;

football and soccer the only thing about their games is that they have very different rules.

There was hunting and fencing witch was famous in the earlier age. Work cited Page www.elizabethan.era.uk/elizabethan-clothing.htm

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