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Deer Hunting in America: The Pros and Cons

Inquiry Project Teaser

Cameron Masters

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Deer Hunting in America: The Pros and Cons

Deer Hunting in America
The Pros and Cons

By: Cameron Masters Advantages Disadvantages Decreases disease among deer population.
Cuts down on car and deer accidents.
Is an industry that infuses money into the economy.
Earns money for the government through license fees.
Controls population size. Can also increase disease among deer population.
Requires use of guns which could be dangerous in certain areas.
Some people view it as unethical. Some Interesting Facts
In 2001, deer hunting alone had nation-wide retail sales totaling over $10 billion.
Deer created over 200,000 jobs in 2001.
At the federal level, deer hunting brought in close to $120 million in taxes.
In today's Day in age, the topic of hunting is quite controversial, especially deer hunting. Examining the advantages and disadvantages of the topic can help us to realize where the controversy stems from.
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