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presentation for Freightwatch consumer market rollout

Jordan Gentry

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of prezi2

Competition Consumers
What FW has working for and against them: Strengths Weaknesses So, what do we do It's all about a consumer-friendly Product Product Name
Product Positioning Price Point FreightWatch is market leader in freight tracking, specifically B2B, but consumer market for tracking/GPS is saturated; competitors offer products to track pets, people and products.
Intro In Conclusion... Simply put, FreightWatch knows how to track. How can they succesfully tap into the
consumer market with the
F1 tracking device? Current Situation
Tough economic climate: makes a monthly fee, no matter how small, seem arduous

Aging population: baby boomers keep getting older, and so do their parents Already a credible name in freight tracking. Tracking devices that literally work everywhere, even in severely impaired environments.
(e.g. inside a strong box, inside a shipping car of a steel train, going under a bridge.) Pricing might be too steep for those tracking consumer products. (might not want to essentially double the cost of their bike by tracking it for a year) Web site and F1 product name are not condusive to consumer targeting. size and design of product make it obvious on smaller valuables, and therefore easy to remove during theft. new name suggests stability, reliability and consumer orientation. $10, easier to grasp, easier on wallet, more consumer friendly

Recommend hardware comes free with purchase of subscription plan
Similar syntax to FreighWatch: SureFinder is the same syntax of its reputable commercial brand, FreightWatch. This will build brand equity overall across products, and build brand recognition, using FW's stellar reputation to bolster the product for those already familiar with FW's advantages. Works everywhere, even in "severely impaired environments"

Best for People, not products.

Super Reliable

Creative ads that create consumer need for tracking loved ones
FreightWatch is a B2B industry leader
in shipment tracking...
Where our clients come first
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