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The Academy and the You-niverse

College Search and Fit in the Internet Age

Shelley Krause

on 13 April 2014

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Transcript of The Academy and the You-niverse

the Academy
& the You-niverse
College Search and Fit
in the Internet Age
"I believe we are facing a crisis of human resources. The problem is that people don't understand their capabilities, and, as a consequence, live lives which lack the purpose and fulfillment they could have." — Sir Ken Robinson
"I want my kids to be able to create, navigate, and grow their own personal learning networks in safe, effective, and ethical ways." — Will Richardson
"I want my kids to attend
the most selective US college
they can get in to."
— random parent of HS student
Incredibly,they bring their own originality to a routine that's been done, now, by over 100 girls.
"School and other education constantly proceed upon false principles, and show a clumsy apparatus pointed at a false mark; but your apparatus is simple, and the mark a true one; and while parents and young persons are left destitute of other just means of estimating and becoming prepared for a reasonable course in life, your discovery that the thing is in many a man's private power, will be invaluable!" — Benjamin Vaughan in a letter to Benjamin Franklin, 1783
mapping the territory
"The best college readiness is an undiminished thirst for learning."
— Josie Holford, Head of School,
Poughkeepsie Day School
and then?
"The Web is about connections.
Data is still often siloed. Making data networked takes effort, but is worth it."
~ Paul Miller, cloudofdata.com
"Good advising may be the single most underestimated characteristic of a successful college experience."
Richard Light, as quoted at the
29th Annual Conference on the
First Year Experience
The college admissions process is one in which people are being transformed into data (via the application process), and also one in which imagined landscapes are being made real (via campus visits, research, etc.). What might it look like if it were learner-centric? — Shelley Krause
"Maybe they need to learn to
recognize their own and others' strengths, rather than us telling them."
— Heidi Hass Gable
Given what we have today, the Internet could easily become Invisible High School, with a modicum of educational material in an ocean of narcissism and social obsessions. We could, however, also use it as an Invisible College, the communicative backbone of real intellectual and civic change, but to do this will require more than technology. It will require that we adopt norms of open sharing and participation, fit to a world where publishing has become the new literacy.
— Clay Shirky, "The Shock of Inclusion"
what's missing?
campus life
curriculum requirements
student body
advisory structure
average amount of indebtedness of graduates
first-to-second year retention rate
level of engagement
living-learning programs?
post-graduate outcomes
transition support
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