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General George Custer

No description

zach kopka

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of General George Custer

General George Custer
Early Life and Family
George Custer lived most of his life in Monroe, Michigan where he lived with his half sister and brother in law. He went to school at McNeely Normal School. He graduated in 1856 and then went on to teach school in Cadiz, Ohio
After teaching Custer went on to start his military career. He went to the United States Military Academy where he graduated as a cadet with a class of 34 others. Unlucky enough for him he graduated just as the civil war started and was immediately put into action as a second lieutenant.
Custer was born in New Rumley, Ohio to Emanuel Henry Custer and Marie Ward Kirkpatrik. He had two younger that both fought along side him and both died in the Battle of Little Big Horn.
George Custer married Elizabeth Clift Bacon on February 9, 1864. But George Custer was not approved by Elizabeth's father because George was the son of a blacksmith. George finally gained approval once he was promoted to the rank of brevet brigadier general
Elizabeth Bacon was a astounding wife to George Custer. They both were devoted to each other and both supported each other. Elizabeth as a wife made many sacrifices. She followed George to every assignment he went too and went to most of the battles he fought in.
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