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A Sense of Shame

No description

Aaron Teo

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of A Sense of Shame

A Sense of Shame Significance of the
portrayal of Lorraine Significance of the
portrayal of Mohammed Effect of the romance between
Lorraine and Mohammed Man vs. Self
Man vs. Man
Man vs. Society Catalyst Response to Lorraine's pregnancy reveals his true feelings for her Themes Racial Tension Youthful Idealism Unveils characteristics of
Lorraine's family members Society's traditional
of unwed mothers Brings out
3 types of
conflicts Reveals deep-seated
theme of racism Unveils dangers of
infatuation and
passionate teen lovers By Jan Needle My Topic: Cold relationship with parents
Lorraine and father have a distant relationship
Male-dominated family Mother is understanding & submissive
Father is persistent
Frederick's violent character Cannot work or go to school
Forced to move out of house Superficial
Shallow Relationship between
Lorraine and her parents Characterisation Unveils relationship
between Lorraine
and her family members
Internal conflicts
External conflicts Significance of the portrayal of
Lorraine, Mohammed and their romance
in defining, themes, characters and relationships Characterises
Violence Conclusion
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