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GeoStrut - Innovative Product Solutions

Product demonstration and overview.

GeoStrut Prezi

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of GeoStrut - Innovative Product Solutions

THE PROBLEM THE SOLUTION Heavy Steel Towers Incurred Costs transportation and logistics Missed Opportunities Increased Risk installation costs - especially in remote areas extensive maintenance dangerous roof mount conditions due to low construction standards not environmentally friendly remote areas - not cost effective or feasible GeoStrut™ vs. Steel - Manufacturing View GST05 telescoping masts man-portable rapid deployment max weight of mast < 9 lbs. max height 5 meter collapsed height 1 meter GSM Series monopoles towers light weight environmentally safe Independent Estimates by Steel Tower Manufacturer Unparalleled
Strength to Weight Lowered
Installed Cost Up to 90%
Lighter than Steel Virtually No
Environmental Impact geostrut® environmentally safe Mass-Producible Mass-Producible Patented open-lattice design is lightweight and engineered to loads and conditions Introducing What's wrong with the status quo? The first and only mass-producible, carbon-fiber lattice-structure tower. Protected by 6 product and process patents pending. GeoStrut® manufacturing processes use recyclable materials create no secondary waste streams.
Carbon fiber does not corrode, making GeoStrut towers a lower maintenance solution.
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