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The Declaration of Independence

No description

jennifer collins

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of The Declaration of Independence

American Government:
Declaration of Independence

Events leading up to the drafting of the Declaration of Independence:
Colonists were unhappy about British government policies, especially taxation
They reacted by staging the Boston Tea Party and protesting in other ways
Met at the 1st and 2nd Continental Congresses to act on their concerns
What color best represents your personality?
Declaration of Independence:
Has 4 parts:
The Preamble: explains reasons for separating
The Declaration of Natural Rights: basic rights people are entitled
List of Grievances: evidence that King George has violated the colonists rights
Resolution of Independence: asserts that the colonies are now independent from Britain
Declaration of Independence:
Expresses the political ideals that underlie American democracy
Has had an enduring influence on American government and culture
Enduring Themes: govt's get their power from the people, we have certain rights that cannot be taken away, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness
Reading The Declaration of Independence...
Small Groups:
Each group will be assigned a section:
Read the section out loud together.
During Reading: annotate the text...
Use the handout as a guide..
Example: Preamble
Group 1: Declaration of Natural Rights
Group 2: List of Grievances
Group 3: Resolution of Independence
After Reading:
Each person in your group should pick a role. Write your individual information down and be prepared to share with the class.

Summarizer: Key ideas and points from the section (4-5 key points/ideas)
Reflector: Shares annotations and reactions to the section (*3-4 annotations/reactions)
Questioner: Asks the audience 1-2 questions related to the section to connect ideas to personal lives and make connections for the class to discuss

Groups will present their section, with each member acting out their role for the class.
Exit Slip:

On an index card, write:
1 thing you learned today
1 thing you found surprising
1 thing you found confusing or are still wondering about...
A Letter I found....
Storyboard of Declaration of Independence:
Modeling of strategy--take notes
Independent work time on the section you translated
You need one frame for each translation

Homework: Work on Translation: due tomorrow
Storyboard: Due Friday
A List of Student Rights
With your group discuss the handout and write down your responses.

Be prepared to share.
You will be given the text of the Declaration of Independence.
You will read the original text and then re-write it in your own words.

This assignment is due on Wednesday.

Quiz on Declaration of Independence: Wednesday.
Translation & Storyboard: Due today

Written assessment: Guidelines and work time

Due: Wednesday

Project: Declaration of Independence
On your own or with a group, complete the requirements for the project.

Be prepared to share 1 item from your project with the class.

Look at the rubric for project requirements.
Handout from yesterday:

Review of responses
Rewrite the Declaration:
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