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Utopia Project

No description

Sofia Losen

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Utopia Project

Pax Aeterna
Latin for Eternal Peace
1. Do not start any disruptions throughout the Utopia
2. Follow rules and decisions made by the dictator, even if you do not agree.
3. Be respectful of the utopia and the people around you.
4. If you want a new law you may rest it to the dictator.
5. Keep this Utopia clean. If litter is found and you are caught, you will be brought to court.

Rules to Follow:
Our Flag

- Marriage is encouraged in this Utopia. You are allowed two children at most to avoid overcrowding. The father must have a job, but the mother has the option to get a job as well or stay at home and work on the house. Children must be educated, and respect their parents. Children are assigned a set of chores, given to them from their parents (optional).
You may not leave this utopia, but are free to travel throughout it. There's vacation areas included in the utopia. Other people from other places may come and visit; we are a perfect utopia and do not discriminate. War doesn't solve anything; so, we stay out and avoid war and conflict.
Foreign Policy
In this utopia agriculture is a key to providing food to the citizens. Farmers work very hard to keep the land fertile and keep food production steady. Growing our food is one thing, but trading it with others is also very important. We also have to trade our goods that are grown with others to get the sources we lack. Keep in mind this trading MUST be peaceful. Examples of what's grown are corn, potatoes, squash, wheat, and sugar cane. Farmers are treated fairly but must keep in mind that this job is very laborious and requires much time.
Our Motto

In quietness and in confidence, we shall find our strength.
Everyone is mandatory to complete thirteen years of school, grade school through high school. College is optional to citizens The required subjects are Math, Science, English, and utopian history.Students start at the age of five or six and go until the age of eight-teen. Weekends are not included. You will start school at ten AM for two hours then have lunch for forty-five minutes and your school day ends at three o'clock .
This motto means that we will be respectful and confident in our government and Utopia. We will stand strong and united.
Crime is a very serious top is this utopia. Depending on the severity of the crime, the person will either get a small punishment or get banished from the Utopia. There is also a strike system; you get maximum of three strikes. This only applies for smaller crimes. For example if you get into a fight with someone and the authorities find out you get 1 strike, leaving you with 2 strikes remaining until banishment. If there is little change or improvement the dictator will consider changing the rules. The reason behind the strike system is to show the citizens the consequences if disobeying the law.
Government is also a key to the utopian society. Our government is a mile ruled dictatorship and is run by the dictator. Mildly ruled means that r dictator does listen to the citizens thoughts but in the end it is his decision and that is what is decided. Also, it means he is a little harsh while ruling, but this is only so the citizens obey him and the society runs smoothly. The dictator's name for our utopia is Lawrence Larkin. He was chosen and studied over several years to make sure he is the perfect ruler to run this society. As mentioned before, he does respect the thoughts and opinions of the citizens but is forceful when serious topics are brought up.
Currency- Our currency is called Pecunium, which is money in Latin. The money is made from paper and coins and has a stamp of the current dictator on it. The paper Pecunium ranges in color based on the amount of money it represents. The coins are a gold-ish color and have one value which is 50 cents. Citizens earn their salary form working or allowances. Allowances are mandatory. Examples of items that require money are food, clothing, and personal items you desire. Citizens are not allowed to barder. Your possessions are yours only.
Agriculture (pictures)
You are able to choose which path to take and apply for whatever job they want. If you have not chosen a job by the age of 21, then you are assigned a job by the government. Examples of essential jobs are farmers, doctors, and scientists. These are important because Farmers will keep food and land fertile, Doctors will cure diseases and help people. Scientists make discoveries and advances in the natural world. You can start to work at the age of 16. Depending on the job you choose to pursue, hours of work can range from 20-80 hours per week.

Transportation and Housing
Crime (pictures)
The government assigns you a house, every house is identical on the outside. You can customize the inside only to your liking. Cars all have the same price range but come in different styles, you are not given a car for the government. Each citizen is allowed one house. If you have bought a car that’s a source of transportation. However you can also ride the bus or subway $0.50 per citizen each way.
A doctor is one of the most important jobs along with scientists and farmers.
This flag represents the peace that we desire around our Utopia.
Foreign Policy
Vacation inside the Utopia
BY- Maddie Mrochko, Sofia Losen, and Tyra Paisley.
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