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Corporate Presentation

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TomTom Corporate

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Corporate Presentation

Jørgen Behrens
Who we are • Innovation • Products • Markets • Organisation Who we are Vision Freedom to move Our vision is that more and more drivers will use navigation applications and services running on a variety of connected navigation devices, including portable navigation devices (PNDs), in-dash infotainment systems, and smartphones. We believe in a future without limits and boundaries.
A future where a journey is notably enjoyable, insightful,
resourceful and effortless and amounts to more than merely a
starting point and a destination. We improve our customers’ lives,
bringing them to wherever they want to go faster, more relaxed and more
informed than anyone else.
We create... Freedom to move  Mission To provide all drivers
with the world’s best
navigation experience Marina is a British national. She is a Cambridge University graduate and a Chartered Accountant.
Before being appointed CFO, she was CFO at Colt Telecom Plc. Prior to that she was Group Financial Director of Psion Plc after being a Senior Manager at Arthur Andersen.
Alain is a Belgian national and graduated as engineer architect from the University of Ghent.
Before being appointed member of the board, he was founder and CEO of the Tele Atlas group. Marina Wyatt
CFO Our management board An under penetrated market Over 500 million cars on the road in Europe and North America alone
Penetration driven by PND and in-dash systems sales
(% of cars with some sort of navigation in Europe and North America)
PND market share comparison Europe, North America, Australia 2009 - 2010 (%)
Source: GfK and NPD
Countries where we sell our PNDs* Countries where
we sell our PNDs * Portable Navigation Device
Fleet management market - highly fragmented © 2011 TomTom A Traffic Manifesto for the future On a mission to reduce traffic congestion for all.

Drivers using TomTom HD Traffic® can already reduce their journey times by 15%.

When 10% of people drive with TomTom’s HD Traffic® roads will flow more efficiently and journey times will be reduced for everyone.
We fuel our growth with four customer facing business units:
Consumer, Automotive, Business Solutions and Licensing. Headquartered in the Netherlands, we employ over 3,500 people world wide. We are registered on the AEX (TOM2) in Amsterdam and in 2010 reported €1.5 billion in revenue and a net operating cash flow of €210 million. TomTom is the world’s leading supplier of location and navigation products and services. Products Innovation Our Products Consumer Business
Solutions Automotive Licensing Factory fitted product
Launched in April 2009
Unrivalled high take up rates - 40% Available in: Fiat: Looking forward Integrating TomTom’s roadmap of services and navigation into FGA models across 2011
Portable Navigation Devices PND market consolidating but we are expanding our market share
Wireless and internet
License content and services across ecosystem:
Handset manufacturers
Network operators
Application providers
Internet companies Enterprise and government
Traditional GIS partners
Enterprises and businesses
Federal, state and local governments
Logistics companies
Traffic management agencies
How we produce maps MultiNet®
ADAS solutions
Systems Revolutionising navigation
4. HD Traffic
3. IQ Routes
2. Map Share
1. Base maps Content expansion

35% share and growing Automotive Map Share®
IQ Routes®
HD Traffic®
Community Real speed data Dynamic traffic updates Licensing Consumer Nike SportWatch GPS
powered by TomTom Announced in January 2011
Track your run by GPS
Heart rate monitor compatibility
Share run data with a user community of four million runners
Run history with data from past runs iPhone products Application Service Solution Harold is a Dutch national and is an Amsterdam University Economics graduate.
Before being appointed CEO, he was Managing Director of Psion Computers and served on the board of Psion Plc from 1998 to 1999. Harold Goddijn
CEO Organisation Markets Live Services Our offices Our executive committee Alain De Taeye Member of the management board
Member of the management board Automotive Giles Shrimpton Thomas Schmidt Business Solutions Licensing Maarten van Gool Places Lucien Groenhuijzen Charles Davis CTO Engineering Taco Titulaer Corp. development and treasury General counsel James Joy Peter-Frans Pauwels People (acting) Richard Lowther Harold Goddijn
CEO Marina Wyatt
CFO Alain De Taeye Online strategy Corine Vigreux Consumer Our people
more than 3 500 inspiring personalities from more than nationalities 50 Renault business Business Solutions Navigation
Fleet Management
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