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Dakota Pipeline

No description

kayla kirksey

on 17 February 2017

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Transcript of Dakota Pipeline

The Pipleline Company- Energy Transfer Partners ( ETP) is a fortune 500 oil and natural gas company based in Dallas. It is the main owner of the pipeline.
The Tribe- Standing Rock Sioux Tribe resides on the area where the pipelines are being placed and water will be contaminated, which will force them off their land.
The Protesters- More than 200 tribes from across North America have come to this tribe's land to help protest.
The Government- Can change the route or stop this from happening, but Pres. Trump already gave his Okay.
The Dakota access pipeline could bring in hundreds of new jobs in the creation of this 1000+ mile line. It provides a new route to transfer crude oil, and is shown to be safer and easier than transferring oil by truck or rail car. As a result, this will boost the economy.

Despite standing rock Sioux protests, the creators of this pipeline say that it doesn't pass through Native American lands and only the thing the pipeline passed is Lake Oahe, which already has 8 other pipelines under it.
The construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline shouldn't be put to a halt because it could bring in many jobs and great economic incentives for people that live within and near Lake Oahe. What we should do as the people of America is publicize the fact that there are already pipelines that are under Lake Oahe, and provide proof like a blueprint of the pipeline to the protestants against the pipeline being built that it would not go against the treaty for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe by crossing through their land and contaminating their primary water source, the Missouri River.
North Dakota governor Doug Burgum issued an emergency evacuation order Wednesday for the Oceti Sakowin protest camp

Obama administration had already denied a permit to complete the pipeline, but under Trump's administration the construction of the pipeline will resume.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is worried that leakage from pipeline will contaminate their primary source of water(missouri river)

The pipeline was originally planned to go north of Bismarck, there are rumors that residents of Bismarck(whites) complained and it was then re-routed .
The Dakota Access Pipeline
By: Jaylen. D, Erika.T, Kayla. K and Henry.F
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