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Kitchen Equipment Scavenger Hunt

No description

Hayley Sharp

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Kitchen Equipment Scavenger Hunt

Kitchen Equipment Scavenger Hunt
By: Hayley Sharp
Due: September 16, 2013

Electric Mixer
Crock Pot
Used to mix food and mixtures quickly. Removes all lumps and results in a smooth mixture.
Used to simmer food at a relativity low temperature for a long period of time. Beef, chicken, soups and sauces are common to be cooked in a crock pot.
Rolling Pin
A cylindrical food prep tool that is generally used to flatten doughs (pizza, cookies, etc.)
appliance that is used to mix, blend and puree food to a smooth consistency.
Frying Pan
Basting Brush
Dutch Oven
Sauce Pan
Mixing Bowls
Muffin Tin
Double Boiler
Box Grater
Slotted Spoon
Can Opener
Rubber Spatula
Liquid Measuring Cup
Kitchen Shears
Dry Measuring Cup
Paring Knife
Measuring Spoons
Chef's Knife
Pastry Cutter
Vegetable Steamer
Bread Knife
Casserole Dish
Wooden Spoon
Parchment Paper
Cookie Sheet
A flat, shallow pan that is used to fry, sear and brown foods.
Used to spread oils, butters and glazes on food. Also known as a pastry brush.
A kitchen utensil used to whip or to incorporate air into a mixture.
A thick-walled cooking pot, normally made from cast iron. Used to roast meats, make soups and bake casseroles.
A deep and round metal cooking pan with a long handle. Used when making sauces (spaghetti, gravy), warming soups and cooking small amounts of noodles or rice.
Used to hold mixtures and ingredients.
A set of fitted saucepans used for melting ingedients, such as chocolate, slowly so they don't burn.
Used as a mold for baking cupcakes and muffins in the oven.
Used to grate cheeses, carrots and other foods on a small blade.
A small ceramic serving bowl used to hold desserts and small meals.
Serves food and lets liquid drain out the bottom.
Kitchen appliance that opens tin cans. Can be manual or electric.
Known as a rubber scraper, used to remove all materials and ingredients from a bowl. Also used to fold mixtures together.
A serving spoon used for soups, gravies, stews and other foods.
Used for serving food. Lifts and grips food items.
Measures out a specific amount of liquids for a recipe.
Used for food preparation by cutting food into pieces.
Used to separate unwanted materials or to remove clumps.
Small, commonly used kitchen knife used to peel, core or slice food.
Measures out specific and even amounts of dry ingredients such as sugar and flour.
Bowl-shaped utensil with small holes. Used for draining food such as pasta.
Measures out small amounts of food items, such as baking powder and vanilla.
Used to slice and chop foods, and is useful when carving meats.
Used to mix solids into softer mixtures without over mixing. Mostly butter into flour.
Used to cook vegetables slowly, making them tender and soft to eat.
A long, serrated knife used to cut breads easily and safely.
Cutting Board
Utensil used to remove outer layer of skin from vegetables and fruits.
Large, deep dish that is used to cook foods and prepares casseroles in the oven.
Commonly used to mix and stir ingredients together.
Cut to fit cookie sheets, pans and bowls. Stops food from sticking and easily cleaned up. Used instead of greasing a pan.
Flat metal pans used in an oven to bake and cook food.
Used to cut food. A sturdy surface makes it easier for food to stay in place and makes cutting and slicing easier.
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