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Copy of Android Builders Summit - AndroVM 2013

No description

lin lin

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Android Builders Summit - AndroVM 2013

Milena Flament the A record : A solution AndroVM project Installing AndroVm is childishly simple for your developers AndroVM is adaptable to make your life easier ! http://androvm.org
https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!forum/androvm The AndroVM benefits Why AndroVM ? make your own VM Hardware OpenGL
Full virtualization
Multiprocessor it is based on 3 points : performance - simplicity - adaptability Adaptable Simplicity with Who use AndroVM? Developers replacing the SDK emulator
People wanting to run Android applications on their x86 systems
People wanting to make a Demo
OEM/Manufacturers wanting to provide development/demo platform ... 6 months after its release more than 200,000 users downloaded it! Increase the number of applications on
your platform with AndroVM emulator ! by Specialized in mobile technologies and connected objects,
Genymobile is the first French company to focus its expertise on Android. WHO ? The only mobile operating system that is Open Source, adjustable and customizable.
The undisputed leader in the mobility market with more than 1.7 millions of terminals activations per day.
An innovative system to create your connected objects and solutions. WHY ANDROID ? The record The solution Your developers community will easily test their apps on your virtual products
Your business partners will easily demo their apps Performance The SDK emulator is difficult to setup and use
Developers need a high-performing tool
Apps demo is very difficult
Apps can't be tested on all available Android devices The easiest tool for your functional tests
The ultimate tool for testing complex functions,
Ready to be integrated with your continuous integration infrastructure "AndroVM seems to be faster and smoothier than the sdk emulator on this 4 years old Windows machine !"
Carmen, developper - project LIBON, Orange Developing Android apps with AndroVM is fast! Almost as convenient as developing an iOS app ;)
Richard Lee, Twitter Any screen size
All sensors
Open source
Coming soon : a lot of plateforms different than smartphones and tablets "Loving #AndroVM Player, now only if arrow keys and mouse scroll wheel worked that would be perfect!"
Twitter Test it, you would be surprised! Agenda Genymobile presentation
AndroVM presentation
Tailored for android Devices and manufacturers zoom on Genymobile Why use AndroVM instead of SDK emulator ? VirtualBox is significantly faster than QEMU/KVM
Many developers don’t enable x86 images and Hardware OpenGL on the emulator because they don’t know it’s possible and it’s difficult to setup
AndroVM runs on more platforms than the x86 emulator images because of the prerequisites of KVM (for example, AMD CPUs supported only on Linux) Simplicity Possible integration with your own integration tools
AndroVM replaces the emulator in the Android SDK
If you're a device manufacturer, the AndroVM team can port and maintain your own AndroVM images FAQ More to come... Cloud plateforme and centralisation for a lot of future services :
automation tests, VM in the cloud, collaborative use

More sensors emulation like :
Camera, NFC, Bluetooth It’s open-source – we don’t modify VirtualBox source code but understanding it is useful

Faster than QEMU/KVM used by the SDK emulator

It supports Linux, Windows and Mac OS X flawlessly

But using a different virtual environment is not difficult and, if needed, AndroVM could fully support other virtualization software (such as VMWare). Short answer : No, even if the AndroVM team also work on the android-x86 project.

AndroVM images are not built from android-x86 but directly from AOSP because we want to be as close as possible to the stock Android.

But, as we share some of concerns (x86, ARM libraries support, mouse, …), the androVM team also contribute to the android-x86 project ; for example, the work done on “libhoudini” was contributed to android-x86. Short answer : Yes

Monkey, Robotium, UI Automator and Jenkins all use standard communication protocol to manage application testing (mainly through adb). Thus, AndroVM can be used with these testing tools with no special integration.

Some video example on a “Monkey vs Robotium” testing battle on AndroVM : AndroVM architecture Beginning with ICS, AOSP includes a «VirtualBox target» but many functions were missing.
-> That’s how come the idea to work on VirtualBox support in AOSP… Mouse
RTC (Real-Time Clock)
Power Management
File sharing with the host
Wifi emulation
Open GL ES 2;0 hardware
AndroVM configuration tool Functions developed Genesis Provide functional and robust Android Virtual images Environment : mainly focused on VirtualBox, but images are running well on VMWare (minus some functions) ; some reports of usage on other virtualization product Initial Objectives Faster, thanks to Virtual Box - Because : Professional Why VirtualBox ? Is AndroVM based on android-x86 ? Can I test my apps with Monkey/Robotium/UI Automator/Jenkins on AndroVM ? some references Smart Urban Furniture, JCDecaux Loremipsum Coyote Loremipsum For the fun :
Now, AndroVM and android-x86 images can run native ARM code
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