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Weather Walk

A weather walk to introduce an assignment for a Kindergarten weather unit.

Katherine Hansen

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Weather Walk

Follow me! Let's take a weather walk! Nice weather we're having!
What does that mean? Sunshine? Rain? Snow? cloudy? lightning? Could be any of these
and MORE! Can you think of another type of weather?
Great Job!
Now, walk this way! Well... did you know that weather is different all over the world? Where we live,
what we wear,
what we do...

What does the weather
have to do with all of that? Let's see what our friend Bill Nye the Science Guy can teach us. This way! Wasn't that fun?! Turn to your neighbor and tell them
something you learned! Our weather walk may be over,
but the fun has just begun!
You can't go wrong
with a weather song!
So, let's make up one!
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