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The "Brain"

No description

Andrew Haas

on 23 June 2016

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Transcript of The "Brain"

Understanding The Dimensions Of The Brain
"By being able to identify and understand the different brain profiles as well as knowing how to interact with a particular person in a way that they are comfortable with and understand, will lead to achieving better results with the people in your organisation."
Thinking ahead:
Dimensions of the brain:
1. Lateral Dimension
*Left vs Right
2. Focus Dimension
* Expressive vs Receptive
3. Centering Dimension
* Affective vs Cognitive
Lateral Dimension (Right vs Left)
* How each brain thinks
* Problem Solving
* Instructions
* Approach to leadership
* Characteristics
The Lateral Dimension:
* Perceptual Motor Specializing Profile
NB!! Sensory blockages...
Focus Dimension:
*Expressive vs Receptive
Centering Dimension:
*Cognitive vs Affective
Are you predominantly left or right brained?
Lift your right foot and turn it clockwise...
Now draw a 6 in the air.....
The interactions between the dimensions of our brain cause us to behave in a certain way...
Right brain focuses on visual and processes information in an intuitive way, first looking at the whole picture and then the details..
The left brain processes information in an analytical and sequential way, looking first at the pieces and putting them together to get the whole.
Lateral Dimension
- Thinking
- Problem solving
- Instructions
- Leadership
* Intellectual
*Remembers facts
* Planned and structured
* Analytical
* Favours logical problem solving
* Experiments systematically and with control

* Intuitive
* Looks at big picture
* Free with feelings
* Experiments randomly with less restraint
Each brain formulates, Thinks and Operates as follows:
Right Brain:
* Creative and See bigger picture
* Have vivid imagination and find creative ways to solve problems
* Prefer pictures to remember
* Remembers faces, colours, structures
* Works on gut feeling and intuition
* Not time conscious
* Impulsive
* Make quick decisions
Left Brain:
* Planned and Structured
* Intellectual
* Pay attention to detail
* Prefer problem solving by breaking them down into parts and using logic
* Like to complete one task at a time
* Time conscious
* Analytical
* Act according to rules and regulations
Problem Solving
Left :
* Prefer solving problems by breaking them down into parts and then approaching the problem sequentially, using logic.
* Like to analyze all information, facts and figures
* Will tackle one problem at a time
* Use creativity, Innovation and imagination to overcome problems
* Look at whole picture rather than details
* Prefer elusive uncertain information, enjoy finding information for themselves to solve the problem
* Like to understand the problem rather than the details
* prefer drawing and manipulating projects

* Prefer specific relevant information for the task to be completed
* Want detailed instructions on exactly what to do, step by step
* Not interested in bigger picture, but rather the specific task that needs to be completed.
* Want to know the bigger picture
* Prefer open ended questions and instructions
* Respond best to kinetic stimuli
* Respond to demonstrated, illustrated or symbolic instructions
* Prefer participative authority structures
* Good at interpreting body language
* Good at working with people
* More collaborative leaders
* Prefer hierarchical leadership structures
* Prefer giving instructions as opposed to working in a team
* Lead by following rules and regulations
Motor Specializing Profile
Sensory Blockages!
The Focus Dimension:

*React impulsively and make quick decisions
*Pro active
*Can come across as domineering
*Enjoy working with people

*Observer, prefer to sit back in situations
*Poker face "kill you with silence"
The Centering Dimension:
Cognitive (Neo -cortex)
Affective (Limbic system)

*Rational Thinker
*Ability to distance themselves from their feelings
*Task orientated

*Emotional and in touch with their feelings
*People orientated
Bringing it all together:
The information shared with you today will provide insight into which profile type a person is and subsequently how you should interact with them to achieve the best results.

25 questions
50 marks
Example of questions
Circle the correct answer. The following are Characteristics of a right brain dominant person:
1) Artistic
2) Intellectual
3) Creative
25 questions
50 marks
Example of questions
Circle the correct answer. The following are Characteristics of a right brain dominant person:
1) Artistic
2) Intellectual
3) Creative

Thank you!
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