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From the Internet of Things to Sociable Objects

IADIS Internet Technologies & Society, Perth, 28 November 2012

Dr Teodor Mitew

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of From the Internet of Things to Sociable Objects

the term Internet of Things (IoT) coined in 1999 at the MIT Media Lab
physical objects connecting to the internet
objects becoming sociable
the new object
objects gain a network address making each discrete object uniquely identifiable
the new object
objects gain a sensory capacity allowing them to dynamically register changes to their environment
the new object
objects store and process information [local/cloud], as well as independently initiate action [actuation]
the new object
objects can be remotely located within their environment
the new object
may gain a semantic interface for humans
an actant is a list of answers to trials - a list which, once stabilized, is hooked to a name of a thing and to a substance
Bruno Latour
objects as actors>>
entities take their form and acquire their attributes as a result of their relations with other entities
John Law
sociable objects>>
thank you
From the Internet of Things to Sociable Objects
IADIS Internet Technologies & Society
28 November 2012, Perth
Dr Teodor Mitew
University of Wollongong
transition of objects from primary materiality to dynamic contextual data in computational environments
context is understood as the triangle of location, identity, state
often this data travels to, and is stored and interpreted by, a remote database for which the object is the contextual data
data is infinitely recombinant
a set of relationships first and always, and an object now and then
Bruce Sterling
transgressive, hybrid, suddenly sociable objects
human perspective>>

contextually indeterminate agencies questioning subjectivity, privacy, and identity
object perspective>>

yet-to-be developed taxonomy of data, agency, and sociability
what distinguishes the Twitter feed of a human from that of an Arduino-connected object tweeting its status?
how to think of objects as relentlessly sociable?
object contexts
Shaping Things, 2005, p.77
the political stakes of an animate environment involve the changed perceptions of human subjectivity in relation to a world of objects that are no longer passive and inert
Katherine Hayles
RFID: Human Agency and Meaning in Information-Intensive Environments, (2009), Theory, Culture & Society 26(2-3): p.48
Technology is Society Made Durable (1991), p. 122
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