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My Destination Guidebook

Activity 2, Assignment 2 for Careers (online summer course).

Maya Li Preti

on 18 January 2014

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Transcript of My Destination Guidebook

Post Secondary
Destination Guidebook
By the end of this journey I aim to be an architect. I also want to be able to see the world and live an active and adventurous lifestyle.
Along the way this path as well as its final destination may change. My interests and skills may change as I continue to learn and develop. No matter where I end up, I'm sure that I'll find something I enjoy and that I will be satisfied.
What do I want to be?
I have a variety of interests and am excelling in many different subjects so choosing a career is a difficult decision. Even deciding on a single field is complicated since I am passionate about so many different subjects. There are so many possibilities for what I could be.
For this assignment, I am exploring one possible pathway that would lead me to one career that interests me. I want to be an architect.
High School
Throughout the rest of my high school experience I will need to choose courses that fit the prerequisites of the university programs I want to apply to. By trying courses related to my final destination I can learn some of the basic features and determine whether or not I enjoy it. It is possible that I will not enjoy it and to prepare for this I will also need to take a variety of courses in order to keep my options open should I decide that I want to change my career destination and take a different pathway.
A map of the journey to my career destination.
By Maya Li Preti
Activity2, Assignment 2 - Careers
Starting Point
Current Traits
I am graduating grade 9 at William Lyon Mackenzie C.I. in the MaCS program (an enriched math, science, and computer science program).
I am a visual and auditory learner.
I am an assertive communicator.
My main strengths and interests are in science, social science, the arts, languages, and interacting and communicating with others.
I am very responsible, organized, creative, detail oriented, and a great communicator.
Architecture requires a variety of skills and thus, I will need to take a variety of courses. I am going to need to continue to take courses in different branches of visual arts, math, and computers. I will also need to take physics and English, as well as trying different technological courses such as technological/architectural design. I will also want to continue to maintain a 90% or above average to ensure the best chances for getting into a desired program for university.
Course Selection
I designed that!
That one too!
Here is another one I designed. This is so cool!
The end.
..or perhaps it is only the beginning...
Attending university is important if I want to become an architect. I will apply to, and hopefully attend an Architectural Studies program. I will need to acquire at least a bachelors degree if not a masters degree, should I wish to become successful in the field. While in the program I will need to sustain a 90% average as well as keep a positive outlook and stay determined. It will be a lot of work but it is worth it in order to reach my destination.
Post Secondary
Following university...
Before becoming an architect I must get licensed and to do this there are many requirements including working under the supervision of a licensed architect for approximately 3 years. After becoming licensed and officially becoming an architect I eventually want to work my way up to becoming a partner at an architectural firm.
Features of the Career
In order to be an architect one must be creative and imaginative, have to have good oral and written communication skills, be a good collaborator, have critical thinking skills, and have to be good with computers and math. It is also important to be able to utilize all nine of the essential skills as they are all of use at some point in architecture.
The career is quite rewarding as it has a comfortable pay and you are able to see your visions and ideas come to life.
These are all skills which I posses. I believe that being an architect would be a great career as I excel in math and computers but I also love creating and designing. Visual arts skills are required to be an architect and I have been taking visual arts for many years now and I really enjoy it.
While attending high school I will continue to participate in extracurricular activities as well as participating in events such as math contests. I will also seek opportunities to join groups at and away from school that focus on either architecture or the skills required by the career in order to continue to develop my skills and see if I enjoy the career.
In addition...
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