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Ahmed Essmat

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Forms in the market

antibacterial, antiparasitic,
and anti-inflammatory properties
Iva Pure Gel
-Intensive local treatment for severe rash
(inflamed pimples).
IVAPUR Purifying Foaming Gel
Ivapur Akne syt cream
AKne syt cream
prices and rate of prescriptions
Akne syt cream : 89 le 30 ml
Ivapure gel : 91 250 ml
Rate : 1
Sebium gel
Sebium ai : 104 le 30ml
Sebium akn : 104 le 30ml

Sebium Moussant gel : 79 le
- Non oily texture makes it easy to use.
-can be used alone or in combination
-Formulated with non-irritant substances ( gel moussant )
-Very effective (AKN)
-New sebum correcting complex
(Fluidactiv® )
-soap-free,pump dispenser
( gel moussant )
- price vs quantity

Forms in the market
Rate : 2
Sebium Ai 30 ml
Sebium AKN 30 ml
Sebium Gel moussant 200 ml
Sebium ai
- zinc gluconate
-Fluidactiv® complex
-Salicylic acid
-Fragrance formula
Sebium akn
-Fluidactiv® complex
-zinc gluconate
-Salicylic acid
Strenghts and weakness
strenghts :
The pH value of 5.5 biologically inhibits the growth of acne bacteria.
Allantoin smoothes rough, scaly skin.
No perfume.
No colorants
very pleasant texture and odor

Forms in the market
Clear face
clear face care gel
Panthenol supports the healing of acne lesions.
Hyaluronic acid increases the moisturizing binding capacity of the skin.
Aloe barbadensis soothes irritated skin.
Montaline C40, based on coconut oil, reduces the number of bacteria from 100,000 to zero in 5 minutes
revents the formation of new pimples with it’s active antibacterial agents.
efines the complexion, provides a matt finish and prevents shine.
Soothes with Panthenol and encourages the regeneration of irritated and inflamed skin.
clear face cleansing foam
Anti-Bacterial Cleansing Foam
150 ml
91 le
Clear face care Gel
50 ml
140 le

Rate of prescription
Forms in the market
-Nicotinamide 4%
-Anti-Bacterial Adhesive
substance (ABA) 1%
-Zinc PCA 1%
-Mattifying agents 7%
Oil free cream
Gel Moussant
-Zinc PCA 1%
-Propionibacterium acnes
Prices and rate of prescriptions
GEl Moussant : 85 le
Oil free cream: 89 le
Rate : 2
Papulex Cleansing Gel
oil free

40 ml
150 ml
- Nicotinamide 4%
-Matifying agents
-Price of cream Vs quantity
-acts on pigmentation process
-soothing the skin , less irritation

Forms in the market
Prices and rate of prescriptions
cleanance K
40 ml
Retinaldehyde CT (0.1%)
Glycolic Acid (6%)

Cleanance Gel

200 ml
30 ml
Rate of prescription : 2
cleanance Gel
Trieacneal cream : 104 le
cleanance gel : 85 le
Cleanance k : 91 le
Cleanance K
6 % Glycolic Acid
2% Lactic Acid
1% Salicylic Acid to exfoliate the skin
Oil absorbing powders - Mattifying
Zinc Gluconate - Purifies
Cucurbita pepo extract - Regulates sebum secretion
Forms in the market
Strengths And Weakness
Prices and rate
of prescription
Prices : 71 le
Teen derm gel : 61 le
Teen derm gel
Teen derm k
-5-a Avocuta ® combats the excessive sebum secretion characteristic of greasy skin
-acids of incense tree (with anti- inflammatory)
-zinc (with bactericidal activity)
-salicylic acid
- Triclosan.
5 -a Avocuta ® 3%
acids tamyanovo tree - Boswellia Serrata 3% (anti-inflammatory)
vitamin E 1% (powerful antioxidant)
-0.2% triclosan
-zinc (with bactericidal action)
-0.15% salicylic acid (keratolytic action)
Teen Derm gel

Teen derm k
30 ml
150 ml
Rate : 2

PEG-4 laurate > Surfactant
PEG-4 dilaurate > Surfactant
Zinc PCA > Hydrating agent, skin conditioner

Prices :
Effaclar gel :78 le
Effaclar Duo : 96 le
Strengths :
Visibly reduces inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne in only 3 days
Fragrance-free, oil-free, paraben-free, non-comedogenic
Dermatologist tested on sensitive and multi-ethnic skin types
-act on the two main symptoms of skin with imperfections : localised imperfections and the Pores clogged with sebum
-pH 5.5 - Soap-free - Alcohol-free - Colorant-free - Paraben free.
-Price versus quality versus quantity on both cream and cleanser .
- Pleasant odor
Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide [5.5%]:
Powerful acne medication in a unique format to penetrates pores
Micro-exfoliating LHA [0.4%]:
Precise cell-by-cell exfoliation . 6x more effective than salicylic acid alone.
-Effaclar Gel

-Effaclar Duo
40 ml
Niacinamide , benzoyl peroxide
Piroctone Olamine , salicylic acid
combination of LHA &
Linoleic Acid ,
*La Roche-Posay thermal spring water
Rate : 3
This information, feedback, and analysis
was collected and analysed based on the
investigation and observation in the South
Cairo area by the South Cairo team.
This presentation does not represent Cairo
as a whole nor Giza as a whole

Information about active ingredients,
side effects, efficacy, and interactions
are revised from:
Abstracts are available for review

Forms in the market
Sebionex Gel
200 ml
Sebionex k
-Glycolic acid
-lactic acid
-zinc gluconate
-Nylon 12 (sebum)
-Ammonium lactate
- Price vs quantity
-Mattifying agents : less sebum , help to tone down the shiny appearance of greasy skin.
_ sebionex gel : pump dispenser
-Bisabolol (Soothing agent)
-safflower oil
-soft white paraffin
Qv face cleanser 250 ml
500 ml

Rate : 1
QV face & Body
95 le
Competitor Analysis (2013)
Line issued : Oily and combined skin
Hyseac Ai , AHA, Gel
Presented By : Ahmed Esmat

Prices and rate of prescriptions
Active ingredients:
- Salicylic Acid
- Burdock Extract
- Camphor
- Triclosan
- Sulfur
- Methionine and Acetyl Cysteine
- Allantoin

Purigel is ideal as a long-term maintenance cure against oily skin-related problems due to a regular exfoliation of dead cells
apply twice daily
Do not use if pregnant - this product contains salicylic acid
Active ingredients:
- Glycolic Acid
- Retinol
- Vitamin E
- Triclosan
- Glycyrrhetinic Acid
- Tea tree oil

Rate of prescriptions : 1
Effaclar Gel
Effaclar Duo cream
Sebionex K
cream 4o ml
- Paraben
- Perfume
-high sensitivity due to AHA
-can not be used in the morning
- didnt cover all pahtogenisis of acne
FDA received a total of 114 adverse dermatologic experience reports for AHA-containing skin care products between 1992 and February 2004, with the maximum number in 1994. The reported adverse experiences included burning (45), dermatitis or rash (35), swelling (29), pigmentary changes (15), blisters or welts (14), skin peeling (13), itching (12), irritation or tenderness (8), chemical burns (6), and increased sunburn (3).
These studies confirmed previous industry studies indicating that applying AHAs to the skin results in increased UV sensitivity. After four weeks of AHA application, volunteers' sensitivity to skin reddening produced by UV increased by 18 percent
Prices and rate of prescriptions
Sebionex K : 72 le

Rate : 1
Rate of Rx is set on a scale from 1-5
Representing 12 Rx / Doctor

1= 0-2 Rx / 12 Rx
2= 3-4 Rx / 12 Rx
3= 5-8 Rx / 12 Rx
4= 8-10 Rx / 12 Rx
5= 10-12 Rx / 12 Rx

-very Bad fragrance
- Sebium gel didnt respect hydrolipic film
*dries out the skin
- Hyseac ai and AKN
price vs quanityty ( 30 ml )
104 pounds every 2 weeks .
- weak efficacy-Hyseac Ai-
doctor's feedback
* - Drbasma labib
- Dr. Hoda Mounib
- Dr. Maha Ezzat
Teen Derm
Breakthrough Technology
Patent-pending combination of Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide [5.5%] to reduce acne and Micro-exfoliating LHA [0.4%] to exfoliate and even texture.

In a 1977 study using a human maximization test, 76% of subjects acquired a contact sensitization to benzoyl peroxide. Formulations of 5% and 10% were used.

Skin irritation due to benzoyl peroxide
-Benzoyl peroxide safety concern
5 alpha Avocuta
zinc : anti acne
only one form for acne treatment
Salicylic acid : increase senstivity to uv rays
Skin irritation
cant be used 2 times daily
Ivapure gel 250 ml- 91 le
Synergystic effect due to ingredients
Salicylic acid : FDA approved
Pleasent texture and odor for both gel and cream
acts on all pathogenisis of acne
contains thermal spring water
can be used for inflammatory and non inflammatory acne
well tolerated
Akne syt
It has an intense action on all of the causes of acne: inflammation, sebum secretion, bacterial growth, keratinization disorders.
-Sytenol® A is an innovative ingredient that acts at all the levels of the inflammatory process, it reduces sebum secretion and has an excellent anti-bacterial effect.
-Salicylic acid and glycolic acid cleanse the pores deeply and eliminate the dead cells that cover them.
-Octopirox (Pirocone olamine) is an active anti-microbial agent against the germs that cause acne.
-Zinc gluconate has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect.
-Herculane thermal spring water reduces irritations due to its calming and anti-irritant properties.
-Essential oil of red juniper has antiseptic and anti-parasite effect.
-Zincidone, double active complex, has anti-seborrheic action by the inhibition of the sebaceous glands activity and antibacterial action against the most frequent germs involved in the acne etiology
-Herculane thermal spring water diminishes the rash and softens the skin due to its calming and anti-rash properties
Not Oil Free ( juniper oil)
Akne syt 30 ml - 90 LE
90 LE every 2 weeks
Glycolic acid senstivity with uv rays and irritation
Only one form so should be used once at night not 2 times daily then it will take more time to treat acne
Strengths and weakness
Efectiose 0.1% reduces the irritation and redness associated with the onset of acne breakouts
The combination of Retinaldehyde and glycolic acid in this formulation make this a great anti-aging product as well.
Retinaldehyde regulates keratinization while correcting wrinkles and the glycolic helps exfoliate,
Avene Thermal Spring Water is responsible for the soothing and calming qualities of the water.
Studies Show a 42% Reduction in Acne Lesions After Only 6 Weeks of Use
Paraben Free,
Cleanance Gel contains perfum
very high concentration of AHA in clenance K : leads to uv sensitization , irritations , swelling and can be used once at night
Cleanance Gel 200 ml 85 le
Price vs quantity
very weak ingredients : cleansing foam
contains oils
High prices
care gel did not cover all pathogenisis of Acne , so
Strengths :
price vs quantity
safflower oil efficacy on black and white heads
moisturizing ingredients
pleasant texture
fragrance free
weakness :
Designed mainly for dry and sensitive skin
contains oils and ingredients should not be used for acne prone skin
Bad odor
-Ingredients are not enough to treat or fight acne
one form to treat both inflammatory and non inflammatory acne
Availability in the market
and it's launching issues
Thank you..
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