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I have decided to "Flip" my what

Some useful resources to help with your flip

Adam Johnson

on 24 June 2016

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Transcript of I have decided to "Flip" my what

Some tools to help you get started
Let's Get Ready for the Big Flip
World Cup 2014
Quick Check In!
Create a Learning Culture
Rethink your physical learning environment
Students, Parents, Administrators, Teachers
Create a culture for learning
Educate the parents early and often
Educate the students early
Invite Admin into a learning opportunity... then offer to help Flip a faculty meeting
Parents, Students and Admin... Oh My!
Stop playing school and start learning

Post-It Activity-
How can you teach students how to learn?
What does learning centered look like?
Lesson creation
Content Delivery
students without access
Management of learning

Delivery of Content
virtual learning environment, safe and easy for schools, FaceBook for school
Google Sites-
free and easy way to create and manage a website, easily embed forms, videos and gather feedback
virtual learning environment, managed by Blackboard

add text, edit and and narrate still photos
make large, appealing collages of multiple images
gives photos a comic book feel
Masterpiece Art-
turn your picture into a classic work of art
Flip with a Picture- a picture is worth 1000 words
my favorite! very robust but extremely user friendly, create interactive videos and edit easily
Action Movie-
easily create entertaining videos with exciting special effects
Lego Movie Maker
- create stop-motion animation of almost anything
Sock Puppets
- create narrative style videos using sock puppet animations
Flip with a Video
Google Docs
Microsoft Office- Word allows to track changes
Flip using Document Sharing
You aren't teaching my child
My child can't learn this way
I can't help them with the homework
My kid can't ask questions
What if my kid is absent?
What if my child gets left behind?
We have technology issues/concerns
Common Parent Complaints
Suggested Resources

My interview with J.Bergmann for DC initiative

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