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The Greeks (The Greek Model of the Atom)

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Alix Hinostroza

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of The Greeks (The Greek Model of the Atom)

The idea that all matter is made up of tiny, invisible particles, or atoms, is believed to have originated from the Greek Philosopher Leucippus of Miletus and his student Democritus.
The word atom comes from the Greek word atomos, which means "invisible".
Who were they?

His mentor, Leucippus, originally came up with the atomic theory, but it was then adopted by Democritus. The atomic theory stated that “The universe is composed of two elements: the atoms and the void in which they exist and move.” According to Democritus atoms were miniscule quantities of matter.
The main contribution would have to be the theory that matter is made up of tiny and indivisible particles. in addition to being too small to be seen, unchangeable, and indestructible, atoms were also completely solid, with no internal structure, and came in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes, which accounted for the different kinds of matter.
Who opposed the idea?
The idea of atoms was fiercely attacked by other philosophers including Aristotle. He argued against the idea that small particles could possibly exist. However, the idea of atoms survived through all the dismissal.
Dates associated with greek philosophers
The idea that all matter is made up of tiny, indivisible particles, or atoms is believed to have originated with greek philosophers Leucippus and his student Democritus. The period would be the 5Th century B.C
The Greeks (The Greek Model of the Atom)
Main contribution the Greeks gave to chemistry
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