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BIM and Construction Management

BIM 360 Field & BIM implementation

Rui Fernandes

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of BIM and Construction Management

BIM is an beneficial dynamic "process" embracing all of the building life-cycle and to all stakeholders.
What is BIM?
A process?
A methodology?
A software?
A database?
A tool?
An ethics?
A collaboration?
A partnership?
What is

What is Seen
BIM Deliverables
BIM Requirements
3D Visualization
Coordinated DWGs
Basic Quantities


Thermal Studies
Lighting Analysis
Structural Analysis
Asset Tracking
BIM/GIS overlap
Field BIM

Change Resistance
Modeling Quality
Role Mutation

Advantages and Disadvantages of BIM Platforms
On Construction Sites
Julho 2013
Rui Pedro Lopes Fernandes
Orientador: Professor Doutor Alfredo Augusto Vieira Soeiro
BIM "works" in the Field
Used for:
Aided by:
Produce digital RFI;
Produce and manage project information;
Perform 4D scheduling updates;
Clarify the installation of fabricated components;
Add as built and in field model information;
Run Field clash reporting;
Check/punch lists;
Prepare the model for project closeout;
Commissioning and Handover Process.
Automated Data Collection Technologies (ADCT)
Field Data Management Tools (FDMTs)
Cloud Servers
Mobility (Tablet PCs / Smartphones)
"I was able to add field notes and issues while I was in the field, saving hours of time"
"Using Vela Systems software for construction, punch, and owner walkthroughs, CMC compressed the project timeline, improved quality of the work and provided a very high level of professionalism during the process"
"Vela makes it easy to track safety on job sites and that's important because I can't be everywhere at once"
"We go to the area, take care of the inspection, make notes right on the Table and, if we're interrupted, as frequently happens, we can pull the information right back up."
CASE-Studies Analysis
"It's been extremely beneficial having a synchronized system to more accurately control process, information flow and, in essence, project management"
"It complements our BIM investments extending the value of BIM beyond coordination into the construction and on-site operations of our project"
" We don't need paper plans, journals or clipboards - everything is on the Tablet PC. The 3D model becomes a digital dashboard, documenting the every step giving operators a very fast, accurate picture of the exact status of the commissioning process."
Case Studies relation with BIM 360 Field
Case Studies
Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a new and innovative "process" of generating, analyzing and managing building data and
BIM is a misconception prone and disruptive technology inputting major transformations to the AEC Industry.
BIM 360 Field
Material and Equipment Tracking
Quality and Safety Checklists
Issues Tracking and Notification
Documentation Management
Task Schedule
Difficulties and Problems
Accessibility / Usability
User learning curve
Creation of new roles
"75% of all construction dollars are spent in the field"
"90% of the technology is made for the trailer and the office"
"25% of all construction dollars spent in the field are wasted"
BIM implementation
Construction Company
Guide-lines & Recommendations
Identify a BIM Manager
Develop an Acquisition Plan
Develop an Integration Plan
Develop a BIM department
Start Small
Create Resources
Analyze Implementation
Keep track of the Market
Thank you for your attention!
Time Saving
Quality Improvements
Efficiency Gains

Process automation
Greater mobility
Better documentation
Each case is a single case
Creation of new roles, departments, workflows, etc
Reluctance to change
Thorny path
Guide-lines & Recommendations
Many difficulties in the way
Iterative "process"
Time consuming
Highly rewarding
Share Information
Watch the market trends
Construction Industry Institute (CII)
Construction Industry Institute (CII)
Construction Industry Institute (CII)
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