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Copy of Epic Enterprise Tree

No description

Jill Godsey

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Epic Enterprise Tree

ADT Beacon ASAP EpicCare
Inpatient Cadence Resolute
Hospital Billing Optime Prelude HIM EpicCare
Ambulatory Resolute
Billing ADT - Hospital billing application
- Intelligent Account workqueues
- Coming 8/24/13! Resolute Hospital Billing Beacon Prelude - EpicCare Inpatient Willow EPIC Enterprise HIM - Health Information Management
- Medical record management application
- Coming 8/24/13! Resolute Professional Billing - Professional billing application OpTime ASAP Cadence EpicCare Inpatient - Admit/Discharge/Transfer
- Inpatient tracking application
- Coming 8/24/13! - Oncology application
- Treatment plans
- Coming 8/24/13! - Oncology Application - Registration application
- Currently live - Inpatient clinical application Willow ASAP - Emergency Department, Urgent Care & Transport Services application
- Narrators and "one step meds"
- Coming 8/24/13! OpTime - Operating room application
- Efficiency through status board communication
- Coming 8/24/13! Cadence - Scheduling & check-in application
- Complicated appointment searches & coordination
- Currently live EpicCare Ambulatory - Outpatient application
- Currently live - Clinical documentation
- ONE place for ALL caregivers
- Coming 8/24/13! - Professional billing application
- Currently live Willow - Pharmacy application
- Single order record
- Coming 8/24/13! Authorizations Manage clinician and room schedules Valid demographic & insurance information Proc Doc Accurately billing OR time Appropriate drug charging & capturing necessary information Charge capture and documentation Meet charging & coding guidelines Timely follow-up on claims Accurate medication charging Charge capture & documentation Real time charge capture and billing
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