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Employee Theft

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a e

on 10 September 2010

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Transcript of Employee Theft

by Helen Dainton
Anna Elzer Employee Theft What IS employee theft? any person who steals, uses or misuses their employer's assests without permission to do so money
theft of time
theft of supplies
theft of merchandise
overcharging customers
easy opportunity
low workplace morale
feels wronged or mistreated
underpaid or underappreciated
minimal consequences
no preventive measures
75% of all employees steal at least once
50% continue to steal FACTS 1 of 3 businesses fail
costs $50 billion per year
$110 million per day 48% of merchandise losses responsible for 33% of business bankruptcies Prevention select employees carefully
supervise employees on a regular basis
improve accounting system
establish specific policies
conduct surprise audits Mad Money
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