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Toucans by Shay

Like if you want a toucan for a pet. I should get 10 billion likes. And there's only 7 billion people in the world.

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on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Toucans by Shay

Toucans are recognized anywhere for their rainbow-coloured beak, but are at home in the rainforests of Southern Mexico, Central America, the northern portion of South America, and the Caribbean region.
The toucan's bill is useful as a feeding tool. The birds use them to reach fruit on branches that are too small to support their weight, and also to skin their pickings. In addition to fruit, toucans eat insects and, sometimes, young birds, eggs, or lizards.
The smallest breed of toucan is called the Red-breasted Toucan, measuring 10 cm in length, while the largest is called the Toco Toucan, measuring 63.5 cm in length. There are about 40 different kinds of toucans overall.
Toucans fly and live in flocks of 6-12 birds. Individual families conserve space by tucking in their tails. Female toucans lay about 1-4 eggs each spring.
Interesting Facts
Toucans have special feathers to help them blend in to their surroundings. Their beak also provides camouflage. As they have long claws to jump from tree to tree, they are very poor flyers.
Toucans build their nests in tree hollows created by other animals; generally in the rainforest canopy.
Due to their beauty, toucans are often captured and sold as pets.



More About the Toco Toucan
The Toco Toucan's beak is about 19 cm long, one third of the bird's total length.
This toucan's Latin name is Ramphastos Toco.
As they are native to South America, toco toucans inhabit a range of habitats including tropical forests, savannas, and shrubland.
Video of a Toucan Photobombing a Traffic Camera in Brazil
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