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Summarization Overview

This presentation gives an overview of the Marzano Strategy of Summariztion as a way to process new information.

Angela Soper

on 25 April 2012

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Transcript of Summarization Overview

Summarization Presented by:
Ryan Arnold & Angela Soper
Literacy Instructional Coaches Research and Theory To effectively summarize, students must delete some information, substitute some information, and keep some information. Studies have shown gain in achievement when the use of summarization strategies are in place. To effectively delete, substitute, and keep information, students must analyze the information at the fairly deep level. Being aware of the explicit structure of information is an aid to summarizing information. Although we sometimes refer to summarizing and note taking as mere "study skills", they are two of the most powerful skills students can cultivate. They provide students with tools for identifying and understanding the most important aspects of what they are learning. 3 -2 -1 3 Ways a teacher could use summariztion 2 Common strategies that you used regularyly in your own classrooms 1 Thing that you realized about summarization that you didn't know before
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