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Autodesk Inventor Design Automation Technology

Design Automation from std parts to Point of Sale Applications inc. Autodesk Inventor iLogic and Autodesk Inventor ETO

Chris Atherton

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of Autodesk Inventor Design Automation Technology

ORDER TYPICAL PROGRAMMING TABLE DRIVEN TOOLS C# C++ VB .NET VBA iASSEMBLIES iFEATURES iPARTS iMATES iCOPY iFEATURES EXCEL API iLogic is a rules-based productivity tool for engineers, that enables design reuse and automation of repetitive tasks in Inventor. Limited to desktop use Inventor ETO is a rules-based platform that allows customers to develop customized applications for their sales and engineering teams to automate bid and order processes. iLogic rules and designs can be reused in an Inventor ETO application.
For desktop use
web deployments
mobile applications (future) Desktop DistributableApplication ONLINE Inventor Server Simultaneous Use Queue
Management Design Dept. On top of Inventor Reuse Models Stand Alone Application Configurable Interface Distributable DESIGN
ACCELERATORS Design Automation = Engineering to Order All automation tools are for:

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Reducing Design Time

Engineering products to a specification quickly Solve Challenges
in the
Sales to Manufacturing Process Inventors Standard Solutions Multi Value Parameters Quick Form Creation Rules Based Design iLogic
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