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Figurative Language "Ender's Game"

No description

Adela Mojica

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Figurative Language "Ender's Game"

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Figurative Language "Ender's Game"
"There were TV cameras, perched like animals on the shoulders of crouching, prowling men."

"He imagined the ship dangling upside down on the undersurface of the Earth, the giant fingers of gravity holding them firmly in place."
"They filled into the battleroom, like children in a swimming pool for the first time."
The newbies were excited and bewildered to be in the battle room for the first time ever
Ender didn't have any privacy and was being watched the whole time
This is where Ender is on the loading ship sitting down on the seat ready to be sent to battleschool with other little boys like himself.
"Some of you might be worth something to humanity. But don't bet on it. I'm betting on only one."
Graff thinks Ender might be the one who saves huamnity from total destruction
Free Play
Is a game given to the trainees of the Battle School which forces them to solve puzzles and think outside the box to achieve their goals. "Free Play" is described as a computer game, but the author describes it as a living, adapting being, slowly tearing Ender apart one by one
"Legitimate saints' names" The Wiggins have names from the saints in the bible. Saint Andrew and Saint Peter were brother where as Peter and Ender are also brothers in the book
Salamander in the old days was connected to fire in mythology, which is why Bonzo keeps making fire references
Napoleon and Wellington, Julius Caesar and Brutus – Two pairs of historical figures who were opponents. Wellington fought Napoleon in battle, whereas Brutus assassinated Caesar
When Ender had the monitor on his neck it symbolized, safetyness , which meant no one could harm him
Jennifer Hernandez and Adela Mojica
Ender represents the goodness and the innocence
Peter is the symbol of deceit and evil
Valentine represents love and the beacon of hope for Ender
The games in general represent reality
Ender's army, Dragon, is a symbol that captures
both Ender's intelligence and violence.
Orson Scott helps us see how Ender and Peter were enemies or how Ender and Bonzo did not connect with each other.
Ender's Game is about ruthlessness versus compassion and games. Treating the great battle between ruthlessness and compassion in a war is a difficult game to play but this book is all about how Ender overcoming those difficulties is the most important battle of them all
Ruthlessness might defeat enemies.
Compassion might save lives.
But pinched, together you might get something very special from them
Ender's Game
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