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Psychology Project

By Haley King, Ellie Kirkpatrick, Sowda Mohamed, and Alexandria Carlsen

Haley King

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Psychology Project

Examine psychological research into adolescence Definition of Adolescence The transitional period between childhood and adulthood Marcia's Identity Theory Identity States
1. Identity Foreclosure
2. Identity Moratorium
3. Diffusion
4. Identity Achievement Marcia concluded that an individuals identity is not set. Before someones identity is chosen, individuals must go through a process to determine their identities Marcia conducted interviews with adolescents
He asked them:
1: If they had a commitment to an ideology or an occupation
2: If they were currently experiencing or had experienced an adolescent identity crisis James Marcia conducted a study on identity. He believed Identity was based mainly on occupation and ideology Identity Diffusion:
Adolescent does not have sense of having choices and he or she is not willing to make a commitment Identity Foreclosure
Adolescents seem willing to commit to some role or goal in the future. However they tend to conform to the expectations of others and they have not explored their options Identity Moratorium
The adolescent is in a crisis and exploring different choices but has not made a commitment to these choices yet. Identity Achievement
Adolescent has gone through an identity crisis and has made a commitment to a role that he or she has chosen Identity States Quiz Questions

Which of Marcia's identity statuses applies to Troy?

A. Identity Diffusion
B. Dispair
C. Foreclosure
D. Moratorium Quiz Question #2
Which of Marcia's identity statuses applies to LaTasha?
1. Moratorium
2.Identity Diffusion
3. Identity Achievment
4. Foreclosure Quiz Question #3
Which of Marcia's identity statuses applies to Sally?
A. Foreclosure
B. Identiy Achievment
c. Indentiy Diffusion
4. Dispair Quiz Question #4
Which of Marcia's identity statuses applies to Walter?
A. Identity Diffusion
B. Foreclosure
C. Moratorium
D. Dispair Identity: individual's combination of behaviors, preferences, thoughts, talents, and beliefs Research

*Took the contents of 71 letters from a Latin American girl to her teacher over a 9 year period between the ages of 13 and 22
(It was a traumatic period her parents were arrested for political reasons)

*Analyzed and found themes in relation to age: themes of identity increased from 13-18 and then declined. This confirms issues of identity were prominent in this period.

*Themes of intimacy appear after 19, as Erikson predicted. It was a single case, so can't be generalized. *Success in this stage leads to--> Fidelity
(Faithfulness to obligations, duties, or observances.)

*Learn the roles he/she will occupy as an adult * Individuals develop through a series of stages from birth to death. Each stage contains its own challenge or crisis, which must be dealt with.

*Adolescents are in the fifth stage: identity vs. confusion.
-This stage is marked by rapid physical growth and hormonal changes, and takes place between ages of 12 and 18.

What are the Features of the Crisis in Adolescence?

Bodily changes, questions of sexuality, future occupation, and one's identity is explored. This period is when the child considers the possibilities. Erikson's Theory *There are several limitations to this study.
-Only Latin American girls
-Only single case: can't be generalized

*Erikson's theory introduces several key concepts into developmental psychology: identity, identity vs. role confusion, identity crisis, etc. Basic Info Question #1: More Quiz Questions!!! What are stage are adolescences in according to Erikson? Fifth Stage Socio-cultural Quiz Question #3
Which of Marcia's identity statuses applies to Sally?
1. Moratorium
2.Identity Diffusion
3. Identity Achievment
4. Foreclosure Define adolescence. The transitional period between childhood and adulthood
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