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Debbie Ammerlaan

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Afstudie

Effectiveness Agricultural Vehicle Interventions on Rural Distributor Roads Analysis of the impact of infrastructural interventions on rural distributor roads, to reduce negative effects of agricultural vehicles on traffic safety 1. Background 4. Determining performance of infrastructural interventions 5. Results for Fryslân 6. Conclusion & recommendations Agricultural vehicles Sustainable safety Traffic safety Aimsun Debbie Ammerlaan
Final presentation
27-09-2012 2. Problems related to AVs Traffic flow Environmental
issues Moving bottleneck Noise and air pollution Spatial organization Accidents and impact Mobility ladder 3. AV interventions Policy National
Practice further analysis infrastructural interventions
To develop a method for impact analysis of infrastructural interventions on rural distributor roads, which could reduce negative effects of AVS on traffic flow, safety and environment. Current traffic volumes Scenarios Validity Safety Flow Environment Travel time
Travel time loss
Queue length Speed differences
# Conflict situations Air and noise pollution
Spatial impact http://nos.nl/embed/?id=v:411475&autoplay=1 Advise for Fryslân: passing lane + overtaking prohibition.

Method useful for impact analysis infrastructural interventions

No general conclusion can be drawn on effects interventions

Extra research and use of method necessary Goal Size of hindrance Comparison interventions Rural distributor roads type II Robustness Assumptions
Expert meetings
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