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imaginary holiday


thames thames

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of imaginary holiday

headline 2 / private boat
Headline 3 / looking at sharks
Headline 5 / coming back to school
My seventh thing would be to just come back to school and see my friends
Headline 1 / roller coasters
By sarah snow
imaginary holiday
Y 5 Thames
thank you for listening
The first thing I would love to do on a imaginary holiday is go on a upside down roller coaster.
The second thing I would love to do is go on a under water roller coaster.
my third thing would be is going on a huge private boat with just my family.
summer time
my fourth thing would be to see a shark in an aquarium! Only a shark that does not bite
My fifth thing would be looking at huge jelly fish.
My sixth thing would be swimming in the sea and feeling a dolphin just come up and stroking your feet.
headline 4
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