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Singapore Math

No description

Ali Hunter

on 4 January 2015

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Transcript of Singapore Math

Singapore Math at HTS
Math in Focus
Making 10
10 is a very important number
Students practice making 10 and memorizing numbers to 10 in 1st Grade.
Will help with mental math as they go along.
Nearest 10
Students can add or subtract two digit numbers by making the next 10 and then subtracting or adding the appropriate number of ones.
Bar Modeling
Problem solving!
What is it?
Collaboration between educators from Singapore and from the US
Singapore methods begin in first grade.
Each grade begins where the last grade left off.
Fewer topics - more focus on mastery
Why do we use this program?
Our program focuses on mental math!
What about gifted or struggling learners?
Different leveled workbooks (reteach, on-level, enrichment)
Math Journals and 'Thinking Caps'
Links to lessons from previous grades
Number Bonds!
Our Objectives tonight:
To provide a better understanding of:
the language used
the methods used
how to help your child with homework!
3 + 2 = 5
2 + 3 = 5
5 - 2 = 3
5 - 3 = 2
Number Sentences
Concrete, Pictorial, and Abstract
Students learn Singapore Math in 3 formats:

is the same as

6 + 4 = 9 + 1
Equal Sign
7 + 5 =
68 + 7 =
28 + 26 =
adding and subtracting numbers based on their place value
Using Place Value (tens and ones)
33 + 40 =
24 + 5 =
57 + 26 =
37 + 26 =
74 - 28 =
Also in 3+ digit numbers
578 - 98 =
39 - 20 =
48 - 4 =
56 - 7 =
Why Singapore Math?
Students are encouraged to use whichever method works best for them
Method of problem solving used in grades 2 and up.
Bar modeling
examples to come!
Jerry has found 21 perfect sea shells so far. Lindsey has found 16 more than Jerry. How many shells have they found in total?
JKL Music Store sold 347 CDs last week, and 579 CDs this week. They now have 1294 CDs in the store. How many did they have to start?
Nancy has 245 stamps. Shannon has 327 more stamps than Nancy. Liz has 163 fewer stamps than Shannon. How many stamps does Liz have? How many stamps do they have in total?
Our Program:
Strengthens number sense
Solidifies place value understanding
Increases mathematical confidence
Provides immediate feedback
Improves mental organization skills
Great for diverse learning styles
Can be used anywhere, any time
Develops memory
It's Fun!
How can we get more help?
reach out to your teacher
email us!
Math in Focus website
Khan Academy - 3rd grade lessons on youtube
One more!
1000 - 428 =
What about multiplication and division?
Use place value (distributive property)
decompose factors into 'friendly numbers'
rearrange factors
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