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GIN Restaurant Division

No description

gerardo manrique

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of GIN Restaurant Division

Restaurant Division Restaurant
Division -With over 20 years of established, Grupo Integracional de Negocios is one of the most solid and experienced companies in Mexico.

-To date our company has 1,400 employees, 1,000 of which work in our restaurant division.

-In 2010 the Group’s revenues amounted to 443 million dollars.
-Since its establishment, the Group has grown substantially mainly because of branching and new acquisitions. -To date, the Group has 9 different gastronomical concepts and more than 20 restaurants.

-The Restaurant Division is an important part of our Group and covers a range of styles, formats and tastes that satisfy our customer’s expectations.

Since 2010, Public Accountant Raúl Beyruti, President of the Group, has personally retaken this division, which continues growing and creates new employment opportunities every time a new restaurant is inaugurated. Il Diavolo A warm, modern design evoking Milan, Il Diavolo delights you with an exquisite blend of the finest Italian cuisine interpreted with modern and delicate balanced flavors of Mexican food , find the exact dish to your taste accompanied by a select wine cellar, the house wines stand out!.

Try our desserts and coffee to create the perfect finale for a visual, emotional and sensual culinary experience that can only be achieved in Il Diavolo, you will always be welcomed with a warm Latin character to satisfy what may be your hidden sin. GIN’s Restaurant Division is formed by the following brands: Ponte almeja We are a company with high standards of quality, care and originality retaining the characteristic Ponte Almeja flavor.

Our costumer satisfaction is the most important thing for us, and therefore, we strive to provide and maintain the quality of our dishes, daring to innovate with traditional and innovative dishes not found anywhere else. La Mansión Created in 1957 with a firm commitment to offer the finest cuts of meat and the best service to captivate your guests with a memorable experience.

Restaurant with over 50 years of tradition, characterized by Fine cuts and classic empanadas. The Mansion is an elegant and welcoming space that invites you to enjoy a good meal with family or business, with the highest standard of quality in each of our cuts. Mansion is today one of the leading brands in its category, with 22 units. Casa Avila that gathers the best of Spanish cuisine to delight her with its original charm and distinction, here you can find the best wine to accompany your dishes.

Provides entertaining nights and festivals to satisfy all tastes, enjoy with great music and dancing while you dinne.

Avila House has private rooms and special Banquet Menu. Casa Avila Bristot Mosaico brings the taste of our customers a true sign of European food, with Mediterranean influences with excellent quality and specialized services at an affordable price, without losing the classic touch that characterizes it. Bistrot Mosaico Addetto Italian restaurant with a large number of guests, especially breakfast, because it is located in one of the busiest areas in the North of Mexico City, Ciudad Satelite. Delicious tacos, meats, sauces, snacks and salads in a fun and casual atmosphere, surrounded by screens to enjoy every season games. Flash Taco In 2004, inspired by the lines of the famous ships, La Goleta creates a unique and original concept specialized in the preparation of the finest seafood with recipes specially created to give diners a unique dining experience. La Goleta As inviting scent emanating from an open oven, relaxed concept presented by this franchise is the ideal spot to enjoy fresh pasta and pizza made at the time. In 2009 he was awarded best themed restaurant in the United States. Rustic Kitchen Mairena Mairena is a high quality restaurant where you can taste the best dishes of our select cooked sea.
Located in one of the most exclusive areas of the country, offers a lounge type, very comfortable where you can peacefully enjoy our varied menu in a stylish environment. Zecco Exquisite Mediterranean cuisine to be enjoyed in a warm, original architecture, presents various alternatives within their extensive menu.
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