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Hair and Makeup timeline

No description

Jasmine Azzopardi

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Hair and Makeup timeline

Makeup - women didn't use cosmetics, except for faint flower scents and invisible skin cream (foundation). Colored lips and cheeks, dyed hair, strong scents and powdered faces were said to be signs of immorality. 1900 1910 1920 By the 1930s, makeup was very fashionable for film stars, they had dramatic make-up on. In France, companies such as Loreal (founded in 1909) and Max Factor (USA) made new, scientific ways of creating make-up. These brands can still be found nowadays. 1930 1940 Foundations were a heavy affair, generally darker than the natural skin tone, well plucked eyebrows brushed over with non shiny eye shadow, and lipstick colors include light reds, fuchsia, pink reds and orange reds 1950 1960 1970 Women's Make-up
& Hairstyles
1900-2012 By Linh and Jasmine 2000 1980 1990 Today, makeup is very common on women of all ages. there are many different styles. Hairstyles vary from straight to curly, short to long and many other styles. 2012 Hair-
Both long and short styles were popular.
Volumed hair was very popular.
Longer hairstyles featured hair parted in the middle, and long wavy hair hanging below the shoulders. Shorter hairstyles usually began around the ears and poofed up over the head, (often held in place with barrettes and adorned with bows, or large, wide hats.) Hair-
During the early 1910′s, styles were
long hair either pinned up elaborately
or flowing and wavy. The Castle Bob was introduced, named after Irene Castle
(a ballroom dancer,) who made the short style famous.
Sleek short or wavy bob cuts, heavy fringes, waves and
curls were in. Hair- Jean Harlow curls, the high drama Hollywood look, partings, pin curls, the use of pomade (a scented oil), the Marcel wave look and finger waves were all in fashion in the 1930's. Hair-
Veronic Lake look, Victory rolls, pin curls and barrel curls.
Very elegant hairstyles. Hair-
short waves and curls.
Hair was worn flat to the head Hair-
puffed into a rounded form by backcombing (teasing.)
Inverted bob, (hair is a bit shorter in the back and longer in the front)
Mia Farrow crops (very short hair.) Hair-
1970 hairstlye was a natural look. Flick fringes,
layers, center partings, braids, crimping, shaggy
layer cut, crazy colours, spiky gelled hair and
the ‘gypsy’ cut. Hair-
high maintenance – big, sprayed, curled,
permed, highlighted
easy care mouse-coloured layered cut, the wash ‘n
leave perm. Hair- The hairstyles of the 90s weren’t as big as the extreme
styles of the 80s. Many were still large, but they were more
natural looking. http://www.socialserendip.com/hair-styles-of-the-last-100-years/ In the 1950s, a mature look was in fashion. most women had minimal makeup and non shiny red lipstick to appear neat and elegant. People in the 1960s preferred to have a younger look. this included huge child-like eyes with long spiky lashes, pale skin, and pale pink lipstick. lip-gloss, blusher and frosted eyeshadow was also in fashion Mascara was now a necessity in a make-up kit, and the fashionable application techniques concentrated on the upper eyelashes. Dark reds, maroons and raspberry tones were the most popular lip colors. Foundation and blush was also very popular in that time http://vintagemakeupguide.com/1950s-look/
jewelry&makeup - ticktock pg: 25,27,28,29,31 Bibliography Makeup in the 70s was really bright and colorful.
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