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bullet train

No description

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of bullet train

Environmental Impact
Potentially harm air quality from diesel-powered heavy equipment used for construction.
Impacts to aquatic life and endangered species across the Central Valley.
Impacts to wetlands and biological resources.
Impacts to cultural resources, such as historic sites.
The Consumer
Earthquake Safety system
-Once the system detects the earthquake, it will quickly decelerate and come to a stop.

The Next Bullet Train
: Andrew Suacillo,
Angel Vega,
Alan Shia,
Ashish R. Manandhar,
and Cristian Vasquez
Quicker and cheaper for long distance travel compared to other resources.
Decreased energy consumption.
Reduced air pollution emissions and improved air quality.
Less land usage than would be needed to expand existing highways and airports.
Anti-derailment system
- Detects abnormal objects in it's speed depending on the object.
This bullet train will be about 550 feet long, close to 167.64 meters, which includes the separation space of the compartments. The train will consist of a total of 15 compartments, specifically:
10 coach compartments
4 reserved compartments
1 VIP compartment
Each compartment will be 32 feet in length, 20 feet in width and 10 feet in height.
Their will be a total of 32 passengers on board for each compartment, excluding the VIP compartment. VIP compartment will have a total of 16 passengers. And of course, each compartment will have a fully functional bathroom.
A general design for it would be the same design as a .50 caliber bullet.
It will be the same length, but different height and width for the front.
A special feature that this bullet train will have is an air conditioning system that will get any airborne pathogen out of any compartment.
This system will consist of a upper and lower sections for special conditioning machines.
The upper section will have enough suction power to get rid of any airborne pathogen out of the train.
The lower section will have enough power to push up the pathogens until it is sucked out by the upper section, thus getting rid of them and having clean fresh air inside of any compartment.
Compartments and Size
Air Filtration
-Purifies the air of allergens and dust
Special Air Conditioning
Special Feature
This bullet train is no normal one, instead of having one protective shell for the safety of the passengers, we have concluded two will be better than one.
Where to:
San Diego-Los Angeles-Bakersfield-Fresno-San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland-Sacramento-Redding
Versatile Conductors
- These conductors are versatile in terms of safety.
They are EMT, CPR, AED and First-Aid certified
to ensure the safety of our customers.

Essentials safety features
Seat Belts
-For those moments where the train experiences rough and uncomfortable rides, seat belts will be provided.
Oxygen mask
-For the sudden decrease of oxygen. Will be beneficial to those who are hyper ventilating
Emergency exits
Fire extinguisher
This train will be tailor to the consumers needs and wants. We will have two different section on this train one will be to fit the business people or people that need to reserve a seat in advance for a certain day or for the year. The other sections of the train will be for the general public. All of these sections and or trains will have assistant from a trained EMT to a server. We will have servers to help out such as if a drink of water is needed or food and so on. It will range from 200mph to 300mph depending on the straight away.
The train's seats will be modeled after first class seats on a plane with no more than three to two people next to each in a row. The seat themselves will be have the utmost comfort with enough reclining space to not disturb the people behind you. There will be three trains.

For the pricing we are deciding from southern California (San Diego) to the middle of California (Fresno) would cost about 75 dollars and also another 75 dollars if you want to continue from the middle of California to northern California (Redding). Any one spot destination would cost about 25 dollars.
The train project overall will cost about 100 billion.
8/10 most populated cities in CA
Real time monitor
Safety hammer
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