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We, Our Robot and Us

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ahmad khalifeh

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of We, Our Robot and Us

Early Majority
Finally we talked to our old friend Ahmad Shaheen who is an expert in robotics to help us in robot design and programing.

He was glad to help, and our work started to appear very clearly and quickly.
A Journey Worth Remembering
Early Adopters
The Chasm
Late Majority
After we finished the competition we decided to spread our knowledge by:
We decided to keep our legacy in the heart of our society by introducing the concept of robotics to our friends, classmates and other students. This project is a small panoramic view of what we did to change, fix and teach others what we discovered and enjoyed doing.
After being introduced to the type of our work, we started building our robot from scratch.

We also watched a lot of videos of other robots from YouTube.

We faced a severe problem with the robot; the robot's design wasn't compatible, so we changed it several times without reaching our goal of a perfect robot that will complete the missions.
In addition, we were running out of time.
We started gearing ourselves with knowledge and equipment.

Then we started looking at parts and gears that we have; in addition, we explored the mat of Nature's Fury.
- We visited the FLL's website to understand the nature of our work:

Special thanks for:
Our Robotics Team:"Real Steel".
Our Teachers and Mentors
My Computer Teacher: Mr. Khaled Khodari.
This Project was done by Ahmad Khalifeh
I almost forgot to mention our robot:

What Is FLL's Nature's Fury Competition?
*It is a robotics competition that involves three domains:
-Programing the robot,
-Core Values.

*It is also based on solving problems that occur in our world, and this year's competition is about natural disasters.
And now lets watch a video about our road to success !
Making a survey to see if robotics was appealing to students
Making a group on WhatsApp
Visiting students in classes and schools
I would like to note that this project is available at : http://prezi.com/nqzyvcmycw4v/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy
Also the video from this project is posted on Youtube:

The survey done in this project is from:
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