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Scientific Inaccuracies in Gattaca

No description

Nicole Siliko

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Scientific Inaccuracies in Gattaca

Scientific Inaccuracies in Gattaca
By: Shelby Gerwin

Embryonic Screening
Although the screening can be used to eliminate the risk of recessive genetic disorders, it cannot be used to screen thousands of eggs for that "one in a million child" that Vincent's parents were hoping for.
Inaccurate Diagnosis
The scientists diagnoses Vincent
with an 89% chance of having
attention deficit disorder, but his
focus on getting to Titan wouldn't
be possible with ADD. Along with no signs of his 60% chance of neurological disorder, his 49% for bipolar depression, and of course his 99% heart disorder.
Claims to DNA
In the movie, using urine to identify
Vincent as "Jerome" would not be
using DNA because there is no DNA
in the urine of a healthy person.
DNA has a time limit
End of the movie, Jerome tells
Vincent he has enough supplies to
last two lifetimes, however, the DNA in the supplies would not be sufficient because the proteins would break down.
The Swim
We see how hard it was for Vincent
to breathe after his running test, when he swims against Anton there should be absolutely no way that he can make it back.
The DNA Staircase
Yes, the staircase does a great job of representing DNA, however it is a left-handed staircase. The Watson and Crick form is "right-handed".
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