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Employability skills -

No description

Jason Harding

on 10 January 2015

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Transcript of Employability skills -

What do employers want during interviews?
A positive attitude: a ‘can do’ approach, good work ethic and willingness to learn
Good personal presentation
Honesty and integrity
Timekeeping and personal organisation
Team working, collaboration and co-operation
Commercial awareness and customer focus
Life is full of tests...
More importantly in the world of job hunting, the biggest test is knowing what EMPLOYERS want!!!
Don't forget .........
if you have a relevant quality... shout it from the roof tops!

Discover your employabilty skills
What is the purpose of an Interview?
Body Language
So ..... How does this relate to getting a job???
Employers want evidence of ......
commercial awareness
dealing with customers
being able to deal with numbers and data
ability to meet targets etc .....
How adaptable are you?
And if you can remain calm under pressure!
Communication skills
employers want evidence of:
expressing your ideas clearly
listening to other carefully
negotiating and persuasion
following instruction
Working effectively with others
Employers want evidence of:
where you have collaborated with others to produce an outcome
work with people you don't know, who are different
Demonstrate soft skills...
employers want evidence of:
leadership, how you motivate others & lead by example
organisation, to manage your workload, prioritise, meet deadlines
being creative, imaginative
Demonstrate the personal qualities that make you unique
Employers want evidence of:
your ethics and integrity
determination and motivation
confidence and self belief
Task ........

Body Language Game:

Work in pairs

Its up to you to judge their body language based on what you see!

Remember... No speaking allowed!
Do you think that there are any jobs
out there?
Agree or disagree?
Personal Profiles

Skills & Abilities
Effective Job Searching
Interview Techniques
First impressions!
Good profile/poor profile?
Top tips for creating an outstanding personal profile?

Mind mapping activity - Think about the skills and abilities that employers are looking for... How many can you think of?
Question - Where do we look for jobs?
job centre
jobs boards at college
shop windows etc...
Word of mouth...
vacancy boards in the workplace/shops etc...
• Keep a log on who you have sent a cv to, and when. E.g. send it in again once you have a new qualification/skills maybe. Don’t be afraid to follow up for feedback.
• Develop proactive skills – contact companies and walk in (dress to impress, talk to impress)
• Know the difference between the different types of contracts e.g. fixed term, full time contract, zero hours etc...
• Create an acceptable email address

Tips for effective job searching
The first 30sec of an interview is exactly the same as the first 30sec of reading through a cv/personal statement.
Body Language is important ...
Task ....
Tricky Interview Questions ....
Top tips for a good interview... please read these very carefully and prepare thoroughly
(In you packs are a selection of interview questions with possible answers)
profile on me...
So wheres the opportunity for Britain today...
Apprenticeship numbers have more than trebled in 10 years to over 100,000 with plans to almost double again in 2020.
We have 4 of the worlds top 10 universities
Many of today's graduate courses did not exist 10 years ago

3d design
recycling technology
new media
New manufacturing is on the rise... we'll need 324,000 more scientists and engineers by 2015
We have the largest creative sector in the EU, with 2 million peoples livelihoods coming from the creation of ideas, images, symbols, design and cultural expression
You need particular skills and qualities...
But what are they??????
Identify examples of 4 skills and 4 qualities that you think you have.
Brad Pitt danced around in a chicken suit for a fast food restaurant
Johnny Depp sold pens by telesales (by phone)
Rick Ross was a safety officer in a prison
Ozzy Osbourne worked in a slaughter house
Madonna worked in Dunkin Donuts
Kanye West worked at the Gap
Key message...
Avoid Job snobbery... Everyone who aspires for the best they can achieve must start somewhere!
More skills and Qualities...
Feedback... Share your skills and qualities and examples???
What sets you aside from others when talking about your skills and qualities?
Prove it! Give examples of how you have these qualities...
But don't over do it!!
There is a difference between
confident and cocky
Ok ...... Did you guess what your partners body language was saying about them????
examples and tips are included in your pack!
Task .....

Please discuss this in your groups...

What is the purpose of an interview?
Whatever level of aspiration you have... just remember
We all had to start somewhere...
Finally... do not stress yourself out about employment, just work hard, stay positive and believe in your capabilities!
Thank you for attending!
What were your first impressions?
Make a good first impression whilst having that element of being yourself... there's a fine line, so get that balance right!
A skill is something you can learn or something you are naturally good at that you can use in your work
A quality is a more personal attribute which can describe the kind of person you are






Stick to the facts - a profile should be a factual statement about what you do and not just about your personality

Write it last - By the time you have finished outlining your career history and listing your skill set you will have a better idea of what you're all about and it makes it far easier to summarise in the personal profile

In a nutshell - Your personal profile is a summary of what you do, how you do it and to what end. Eg,
I have a proven track-record of combining a strong product knowledge with exceptional levels of service to maximise opportunities.

When an employer receives your CV they will take less than 30 seconds to skim through your personal profile. During this time they will decide if it is worthy of reading through later.

This is your chance to shine and make a good impression - don't lose it!!
Debate .....
Remember ......
What is a personal profile?

Where would you use it?

Why is it important?
What was your first impression when you saw Susan Boyle?

What was the audiences?

What was the panels ?
She achieved one of her dreams
SNet Worth Is $18 Million
A native of Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland, Susan Boyle was one of the notable members of “Britain's Got Talent” Through her competition on the reality show, she drew the attention of viewers and the audience. Her rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” resonated with millions of YouTube Viewers and became a song on the musical, Les Miserables. Although she drew the admiration and attention of the audience, she only finished the contest as the second runner


Imperial College London

University College London
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