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English, weeks 4,5,6 & 7.

Svein Sæterbø

on 16 January 2017

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Transcript of LONDON

Weeks 4 - 7
In this chapter we will focus on learning
facts about London
what you can do if you visit London
how to get around in London - especially by Underground
what it may be like to live in a big city
about crime in big cities
how to ask and give directions
how to design a poster
Monday 27th of January
Part One
What do you know about London?
Work in groups and write down in your rough books the names of all the places you know in London.
Make new groups and compare your lists.
Capital Letters

the first word of a sentence or fragment
the name of a day or a month
the name of a language
a word expressing a connection with a place
the name of a nationality or an ethnic group
a proper name
the name of a historical period
the name of a holiday
a significant religious term
the first word, and each significant word, of a title
the first word of a direct quotation which is a sentence
a brand name
a Roman numeral
the pronoun I
Monday, week 5
Listen to A. Young Talk. Do the worksheet
Read B: London History
Text C: Maybe It's because I'm a Londoner (SING!)
Monday, week 6
Text D: getting around in London (p. 111)
Read text E, and take a good look at the Tube Map
Listen to Text F, do the worksheet
Week 4, 3rd session
Let's check your homework:
From My London Scrapbook
Worksheets adjectives and pronouns
Task 3A for text E. Things to See and Do in London
Test irregular verbs:
For all tasks: Where possible: travel by underground.

Use the Underground map to find the easiest and quickest way to get where you want to go.

Write down which underground lines you are using, the names of stations where you change trains, and the name of the station where you get off to see something.

If walking distance: Give directions and write down street names.
A. Young Talk
cardinals = grunntall
ordinals = ordenstall
letters = bokstaver
I dag:
L1 side 126 (hjelp på side 273 og 287)
W.S 5.6
lesing og oversetting av tekst B-E: kap 5
Øv på 10 nye verb
Maybe It's because I'm a Londoner
(page 110) Sing a long!
D. getting around in London
(page 111)
F. From my London Scrapbook (p. 114)
Streets of London
(page 117)
Let's read E. Things to see and Do in London
Try task 3, page 112.
Week 7
• Get acqainted with Oliver Twist
• Learn more about London
• What it may be like to live in a big city
• About crime in big cities

At school
• Read and talk about the texts I Pickpockets p120,121 and Oliver Twist p122-125.
• Do task 9 p 120 in groups and 12 p 124 individually.
• Finish poster
• Word test Chapter 5 London

• Read the texts and learn the words. Also repeat the other words chapter 5
• Do exercise 10 A or B 120 and 13 p124
• Learn 10 new irregular verbs: teach - weep
But first: Finish your poster!
Week 9
Learn about London.
Ask and give directions
At school:
We are summing up ch. 5. (Worksheet 5.7)
We will speak about different places to visit and things to do in London.
We will start a «Reading Project».
We will use time on reading in the weeks to come.
Look at p.127 in «Searching».Write down 1 sentence with each of the words from «Key vocabulary». (Totally: 16 sentences)
Read in your book after you have borrowed one.
Finished your worksheet?
OK, do ONE of these:
Write a short text (max 1 page) about what you did in your Winter Holiday
Read in your book
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