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Mevlana Mosque

No description

allyana white

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Mevlana Mosque

Population Religion Agriculture Geography Mevlana Game Rotterdam is known for being one f Netherlands largest shipping centers.
Some of their exports include: mechanical equipment, chemicals, fuel, clothing, and crops.
They trade with countries like Germany, France, England, Italy. Economy References Mosque Upper class in Netherlands are the Shi'a Muslims, who make up 76% of the Muslim community.
The middle or working class included dairy or crop farmers.
Low class held unemployed, single-parent households, and the disabled. Social Levels Mevlana Mosque is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Rotterdam is divided into northern and southern sections, because of the river Nieuwe Maas.
Rotterdam Netherlands is a city in South Holland
One of Europe's largest seaports.
The center of the city was rebuilt after World War II, and is filled with many buildings and religious structures. Many Dutch Muslims live in Rotterdam, Netherlands come from countries, such as, Turkey and Morocco.
There were a generous amout of minorities from Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
Many people in Netherlands had different religions:
50% didn't commit to a religion
25% Catholic
15% Christian
5% Islam and Other religions Netherlands agriculture is divided into three parts: crop growth, dairy production, and horticulture.
Their agricultural land was divided also into three sections: grassland, farmland, and horticultural land.
Waterways, dams, and dikes were used for easy irrigation.
Main crops:barley, corn, potatoes, and wheat.
In dairy production, goods were traded and shared. They grazed cows to produce their milk and cheese. Inside Mevlana Mosque 40,000 people were from Islam, 31,000 were from Afghanistan, and 27,000 were from Iraq. http://geography.howstuffworks.com/europe/geography-of-rotterdam.htm
http://www.time.com/time/video/player/0,32068,1539385008_1813188,00.html Allyana White
Social Studies
February 19,2013
SLE: Self-motivated learners who utilize technology. Farmers raise ________ to produce their _____ and cheese.
Rotterdam trades with countries like Germany, ________, Italy, and ________.

Many ________ Muslims live in Rotterdam, and they mainly come from Turkey and _________.
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