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Dance Critique

OHS VAPA Critique Day Nov. 4, 2015

Katie Caruso

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Dance Critique

Jerome Robbins
When you critique Dance...
Look for the elements of dance:
Body Shape

Musical Theater Jazz
Musical theater productions include
music, dance, and acting
Early Musical Theater can be traced back to Ancient Greece and Rome
American musical theater has its roots in
Jazz dance
movements communicate the story or emotions of the script or production
4 Step Critique
Sample Paragraphs
The following paragraphs are from the book "Writing About Dance" by Wendy Oliver.
Helpful Hints for
Taking Notes...
Before you watch the video:

Look at the
front and back
of the Note Sheet

Use the Sentence Starters

Dance Vocabulary
scene from:
West Side Story
Choreographed by: Jerome Robbins
Dance Critique
Born 1918 - Died 1998 New York
Former Communist
Choreographer of ballets as well as musicals, movies and television shows
Choreographed and Directed the Broadway version of West Side Story(1957)
Then Co-directed and Co-choreographed the Hollywood movie version(1961)
Won an Oscar and Tony awards for directing and choreographing
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