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Skyline Flow Chart

No description

Rosa Cervantes

on 6 November 2018

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Transcript of Skyline Flow Chart

Jeff Meisner

Phil DuPont
Sr. Account Executive

Rosa Cervantes
Project Director

Brenda Torres
Projector Supervisor
Erin Clute
Sales Operations Supervisor
Megan Jasper
Sr. Project Coordinator
Frank Garcia
Director of Operations

Cindy Wall
Sr. Account Executive
David Kimmell
Sr. Account Executive
Andrew Loesch
Sr. Account Executive
Design Lab
Manny Vasquez
Lead Tech
Nash Woods
Hangar Supervisor
Matt Kimmell
Lead Tech
Ernesto "Ernie" Trinidad
Lead Tech
Andrew Cantu
Service Tech
Julio Perez
Service Tech
Tyler Frizzell
Asset Management Supervisor
Safety Coordinator
Meg Freeman
Project Coordinator
Stephanie Wenk
Accounting Supervisor

Liz Hysell
Account Executive
Kevin Alter
Creative Director

Tony Trinh
Sr. Project Coordinator
Gina Gober
Human Resources

Mitch Bukowski
Exhibit Designer
Megan Paur
Project Coordinator
Joy Harvison
Project Manager/Account Manager
Eddie Luera
Service Tech

Charles Dickerson
Lead Tech
Jeff Meade

Danny Guzman
Accounting Assistant
Chelsey Hancock
Key Account Manager
Tanner Hinshaw
Inventory Tech

Jourdan Smith
Office Coordinator
Natalie Pasten
Exhibit Designer
Alexis Brokenberry
Project Coordinator
Mike Krankota
Graphic Design
Walter Garza
Logistics Coordinator
Mitch Holin
Account Executive
Clayton Chifos
Account Executive
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